Page 3936 - Week 13 - Tuesday, 23 November 1993

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Health Facilities - Accreditation

MRS GRASSBY: My question is directed to the Chief Minister in his capacity as the Minister for Health. Can the Minister advise the Assembly of the outcome - - -

Mr De Domenico: That is the Deputy Chief Minister. You said "Chief Minister".

MADAM SPEAKER: Order! Mrs Grassby has the floor.

Mr Cornwell: Have you lost your place there, Ellnor?

MRS GRASSBY: No, I have not lost my place. I just hate parrots on the other side. Can the Minister advise the Assembly of the outcome of the accreditation process of the ACT Health Department?

MR BERRY: I certainly can, Madam Speaker, and I thank Mrs Grassby for the question. It was with great pleasure, of course, that I heard about the announcement that Woden Valley Hospital was awarded three years' accreditation. I did not hear any applause from the Liberals opposite.

Mrs Carnell: We put out a press release. We were saying how wonderful it was.

Mr De Domenico: We said, "Well done, Woden Valley". We said, "Fantastic".

MR BERRY: Well, there you go. You did not spend much time on it then. Thanks anyway. All you ever do is bag the public hospital system all over the place. You are always critical of the public hospital system. It was awarded three years' accreditation by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards on Friday, 5 November 1993. It is the first time Woden Valley Hospital has been accredited, following the closure of Royal Canberra Hospital. The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards surveyed Woden Valley Hospital as a new hospital and did not consider the past history of either Woden Valley Hospital or Royal Canberra Hospital. Accreditation is important because it recognises that the highest standard possible has been achieved, which is recognised both nationally and internationally.

A number of other areas within ACT Health also have been awarded accreditation, and other areas are in the process of going through the accreditation process. So, you see, it is much better, Madam Speaker, under Labor.

Mrs Carnell: No doctors; nurses on strike.

Mr Kaine: Bigger waiting lists; budget blow-outs.


Mr Humphries: After all those things it is much better under Labor.

MR BERRY: It is much better under Labor. Listen to the rabble opposite.

Mrs Grassby: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. May I hear the answer to this question? I did ask it and I would like to hear the answer.

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