Page 3934 - Week 13 - Tuesday, 23 November 1993

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MR WOOD: Indeed, and there are ample of those, Mr Humphries. The fact is that Lake Tuggeranong College is bursting at the seams. It has the responsibility to provide, first of all, for students in its priority enrolment area. Every school has that responsibility. If the school has surplus spaces, that is fine; it can take students from outside. But it is the case that Lake Tuggeranong College is bursting and is not able to extend enrolments beyond its priority enrolment area. There are not a great number of schools or colleges in the ACT where that happens. I think there are three colleges which are adjacent to bus interchanges and they do seem to be more attractive for students, because of their location and perhaps also because of their high standards.

Mr Connolly: It is because ACTION buses are so popular, Bill.

MR WOOD: That is the case, and they are so efficient, Mr Connolly. This student is simply outside the enrolment area. I understand, if we are talking about the same person, that he was able, or is it a she - - -

Mr Stevenson: A boy.

MR WOOD: He was able to nominate a second preference and he nominated Erindale College, which is closer to him and in whose area he resides, but also Narrabundah College. I am informed by the department that the same programs are available at Erindale, so that student would have access to Erindale College if he still chose to go down that path.

ACTTAB - Contract with VITAB Ltd

MR DE DOMENICO: Madam Speaker, my question is to the Deputy Chief Minister in his capacity as Minister for Sport. Is it true, Minister, that all TABs in Australia operate according to provisions which prohibit incentives or discounts being given to Australian punters? Are similar provisions included in the contract between ACTTAB and VITAB?

MR BERRY: Madam Speaker, the TAB in the ACT is a statutory authority of the Australian Capital Territory Government. It remains an authority which we govern and which we intend to protect. That is why it is now a statutory authority. It operates in accordance with our directions. As far as the VITAB arrangement is concerned, as I have told you, I am advised by Treasury that the arrangements that we reached with VITAB were okay, were kosher, and the same applies in relation to advice from the Government Solicitor's Office. I am prepared to accept that advice. That is why the arrangement between VITAB and the TAB has gone ahead. On the information that has been provided to me, much as it might upset the Opposition, the Territory will do very well out of it.

MR DE DOMENICO: I have a supplementary question, Madam Speaker. Mr Berry, is there potential for this private offshore company to enlist as clients major existing ACTTAB clients, thus losing revenue for the ACT ratepayer, seeing that we already make 6.5 per cent? Under your own admission this afternoon, you said one per cent.

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