Tuesday, 19 October 1993


Questions without notice:

Planning policies - Forrest meeting


Anti-apartheid building

Diesel fuel franchise fee

Education institution councils

ACTEW - engineering services

Planning variations - delays

Self-government legislation

Gungahlin golf course

Physical education in schools

Personal explanation

Subordinate legislation

Twin city relationships (Ministerial statement)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1993

Land (Planning and Environment) (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1993

Postponement of order of the day

Canberra in the Year 2020

Personal explanation

Leave of absence to members

Business Franchise (Tobacco and Petroleum Products) (Amendment) Bill 1993

Council of Australian Governments meeting

Householder survey report


Petrol levy

Mr George Snow

Mr George Snow

Mr George Snow

Mr George Snow

Mr George Snow

Mr George Snow

Mr George Snow

Adjournment debate speech

Wednesday, 20 October 1993

School based positions

Discharge of orders of the day

Bail (Amendment) Bill 1992

Bail (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1992

Crimes (Offences against the Government) (Amendment) Bill 1992

Questions without notice:

Mental health services


Tourism Commission - advisory board

Postal and Customs services

Woden Valley Hospital - waiting list

ACTEW services

Hennessy House

Youth alcohol strategy

Dickson swimming centre

Hospital services


Auditor-General - report No 8 of 1993

Financial institutions (Ministerial statement)


Land (Planning and Environment) Act leases

Retail and commercial tenancies

Householder survey report

Youth Ministers Council and national youth policy

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No 4)1993

Instruments (Amendment) Bill 1993

Land (Planning and Environment) (Amendment) Bill (No 4) 1993

Land (Planning and Environment) (Consequential Provisions) (Amendment)
Bill (No 2) 1993


Thursday, 21 October 1993

Chiropractors and Osteopaths (Amendment) Bill 1993

Optometrists (Amendment) Bill 1993

Pharmacy (Amendment) Bill 1993 [No 2]

Food (Amendment) Bill (No 2)1993

Real Property (Amendment) Bill 1993

Real Property (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1993

Social Policy - standing committee

Precedence to private members business

Conservation, Heritage and Environment - standing committee

Public Accounts - standing committee

Questions without notice:

ACTION - work practices

Mental health crisis service

Youth unemployment

Mental health services

ACTEW - statutory basis of employment

Banking code of conduct

Disallowed question

Diesel fuel franchise fee

Blue-green algae

School bus services

National Festival of Australian Theatre

Health professionals - shift work

Bill of Rights

Government school funding


Tobacco Act - exemption (Ministerial statement)

Environment protection legislation

Hennessy House

Precedence to executive business

Business Franchise (Tobacco and Petroleum Products) (Amendment) Bill 1993

Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1993



Legislative advice

Legislative advice


Answers to questions:

Government committees and boards (Question Nos 807-817)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 977)

Attorney-General portfolio - advertising (Question No 992)

Industrial Relations portfolio - advertising (Question No 995)

Tuggeranong Homestead (Question No 1003)

Housing Trust tenants - respite care (Question No 1004)

Bicycle helmets - education campaign (Question No 1005)

Housing Trust - waiting list (Question No 1008)

Housing Trust properties - maintenance requests (Question No 1009)

Tilley Devine's restaurant (Question No 1010)

Yarralumla Woolshed - damage (Question No 1012)

ACTTAB - funds allocation review (Question No 1013)

Government schools - sport and physical education (Question No 1014)

Gungahlin - retirement village site (Question No 1015)

Backyard automotive repairers (Question No 1016)

Payroll tax (Question No 1017)

Gordon Primary School - construction cost (Question No 1018)

Conder Primary School - termite barrier (Question No 1019)

Government schools - exposed aggregate surfaces (Question No 1020)

"Murryong" property (Question No 1021)

"Murryong" property (Question No 1022)

"Murryong" property (Question No 1027)

Childers Street Theatre - demolition (Question No 1028)

Education and Training portfolio - distribution of Commonwealth Gazette (Question No 1029)

Jervis Bay Territory (Question No 1030)

Fairbairn Park (Question No 1035)

Health Department - driving instruction classes (Question No 1037)

Saudi Arabian embassy site (Question No 1038)

Olympic Bowl site (Question No 1039)

Legislative Assembly - Tuesday night sittings (Question No 1041)

Sportsgrounds - linemarking (Question No 1042)

Winter Floriade proposal (Question No 1043)

Grass mowing program (Question No 1044)

Government schools and colleges - sanctuary rooms (Question No 1051)

Weston Creek property - lease transfer (Question No 1052)