Tuesday, 12 October 1993


Questions without notice:

Hospital waiting list

Maternity services

Health system costs

Development guidelines

Territory Plan - carport approvals

Self-government legislation

Hospital care

Tourism Commission - advisory board

Band festival

Supply and Tender Agency

Personal explanations

Subordinate legislation and commencement provisions

Smoke-free environments (Ministerial statement)

Environmental initiatives - Government's progress on implementation
(Ministerial statement)

Annual budgets - earlier presentation (Matter of public importance)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Discharge of orders of the day

Land (Planning and Environment) (Amendment) Bill (No 4) 1993

Land (Planning and Environment) (Consequential Provisions) (Amendment)
Bill (No 2) 1993

Domestic relationships legislation

Domestic violence


Answers to questions:

Goodwin Retirement Villages - cleaning tenders (Question No 862)

Medical Board - complaints (Question No 941)

Workers compensation patients (Question No 946)

Municipal receipts and expenditures (Question No 963)

Disabled preschool children - physiotherapy services (Question No 964)

Land valuations (Question No 968)

Rates payments - advertising (Question No 969)

Supply and Tender Agency (Question No 971)

Woden Valley Hospital - safety precautions (Question No 972)

ACTION - ticket sales and debts (Question No 975)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 978)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 983)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 985)

Business community - government consultation (Question No 987)

Housing and Community Services Bureau - psychological services consultancy (Question No 988)

Wednesday, 13 October 1993

Voice of the Electorate Bill 1993

Dog Control (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1993

School based positions

Questions without notice:

Hospital bed numbers

North Duffy-Holder development

Doctors - advertising

Hospital services

Fire danger

Windscreen cleaning

Entombment of the unknown soldier

Fortune Theatre site

Diesel fuel

Cancer deaths

Territory Plan - carport approvals

Legal Aid Commission


Crohn's and Colitis Disease Awareness Week (Ministerial statement)

Crimes (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1993

Victims of crime - Community Law Reform Committee report


Answers to questions:

Austouch system tenders (Question No 823)

Cervical cytology register (Question No 949)

Housing Trust - broken families (Question No 970)

Hospital waiting lists (Question No 973)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 980)

Health portfolio - advertising (Question No 994)

Sport portfolio - advertising (Question No 996)



Thursday, 14 October 1993


Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1993

Noise Control (Amendment) Bill 1993

Supreme Court (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1993

Business franchise fees

Distinguished visitors

Questions without notice:

Government Service - excess staff

Public transport costs

Government Service - voluntary separation scheme

Universities - staff dismissals

Government Service - voluntary separation scheme

Industrial relations system

Motor vehicle testing stations

Youth centres

Government Service - voluntary separation scheme

Teacher numbers

YMCA Regional Youth Parliament


Government Service - voluntary separation scheme (Matter of public importance)

Public Service - progress towards separation


Business development - government policies

Totalcare Industries Ltd - statement of corporate intent

Bushfire (Amendment) Bill 1993


Ms Virginia Nicholls

West Belconnen Leagues Club

Answers to questions:

Community Services Award (Question No 858)

Tennent Creek dam (Question No 966)

ACTEW - appointments (Question No 974)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 982)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 986)

Chief Minister portfolio - advertising (Question No 990)

Treasury portfolio - advertising (Question No 991)

Arts portfolio - advertising (Question No 998)

Environment, Land and Planning portfolio - advertising (Question No 999)

Housing and Community Services portfolio - advertising (Question No 1001)


Appendix 1: Tourism Commission - advisory board

Appendix 2: Band festival

Appendix 3: Supply and Tender Agency

Appendix 4: Air traffic control