Tuesday, 11 May 1993


Low income families - school entitlements

Canberra Institute of Technology, Northside - parking


Leader of the Opposition (Statement by Speaker)

Authority to record and broadcast proceedings

Questions without notice:

Flag contracts

Government Service - overtime and redundancy payments

Government Service - overtime and redundancy payments

Acton Peninsula - hospice

Joint venture housing development

Braddon Sport and recreation

Kick boxing

Life Education Centre

Revenue raising

Fire and emergency services

Business promotion

Premature births

Religious intolerance

Auditor-General's Report No 2 of 1993

Legislative Assembly (Members' Staff) Act (Ministerial statement)

Subordinate legislation and commencement provisions

Cultural Council - "Sharing the Vision: a framework for cultural development"

Public Service - progress towards separation (Ministerial statement)

Labour Ministers Conference (Ministerial statement)

Commonwealth funding (Matter of public importance)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Tourism and ACT Promotion - standing committee (Statement by presiding member)

Joint venture housing development - Braddon

Boxing Control Bill 1993


Legislative Assembly anniversary: Schools

Legislative Assembly anniversary: Schools

Legislative Assembly anniversary


Legislative Assembly anniversary : Schools


Answers to questions:

Hospice (Question No 518)

Housing Trust properties - value (Question No 557)

Mental health services (Question No 568)

Commonwealth specific purpose payments (Question No 569)

School based management (Question No 573)

Housing Trust - waiting lists (Question No 598)

Youth services - short cuts information and advocacy service (Question No 601)

Housing Trust properties - water rates (Question No 605)


Woden Valley Hospital - entrances (Question No 606)

Griffith Primary School - closure (Question No 616)

International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples -
Narrabundah-Griffith Primary School (Question No 625)

Government Service - fraud control (Question No 629)

Campbell Childcare Centre (Question No 631)

Acton Early Childhood Centre (Question No 632)

Tobacco product sales (Question No 634)

Animal welfare (Question No 636)

Housing Trust - Kingston redevelopment study contract (Question No 639)

Sportsground floodlighting contract (Question No 640)

Housing Trust - property management staff (Question No 645)

Housing Trust - tenant behaviour (Question No 647)

Housing Trust properties - sale to tenants (Question No 652)

Housing Trust - socially disadvantaged tenants (Question No 653)

Housing Trust - tenant transfers to private housing (Question No 655}

Housing Trust - rental income (Question No 657)

Woden Valley Hospital - racist remarks allegations (Question No 659)


Wednesday, 12 May 1993

Paper Discrimination (Amendment) Bill 1993

Dog Control (Amendment) Bill 1993

City council and lord mayor

Questions without notice:

Campbell child-care centre


Government Service - overtime and redundancy payments

Aborigines in custody

School closures

Rescue services

Car thefts

Community consultation

Animal welfare

Premature birth

Answers to questions without notice

Religious intolerance


Precedence to private members business

City council and lord mayor


Community consultation

Community consultation



Thursday, 13 May 1993


Leave of absence to member

Drugs of Dependence (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1993

Commissioner for the Environment Bill 1993

Ombudsman (Amendment) Bill 1993

Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Bill 1993

Jurisdiction of Courts (Cross-Vesting) Bill 1993

Legal Affairs - standing committee

Lapse of notices

Authority to record proceedings

Publications Control (Amendment) Bill 1993

Film Classification (Amendment) Bill 1993

Liquor (Amendment) Bill 1993

Distinguished visitor

Questions without notice:

Enterprise bargaining - United Firefighters Union

Land development

Rescue services

Housing development - Braddon

Twin cities arrangements

Influenza vaccine

Business strategy

Gungahlin community facilities

Department of Health - staff appointments

Treasurer's quarterly financial statement

Housing development - Braddon

Rules of court

Commonwealth Grants Commission report on general relativities
(Ministerial statement)

Emergency services


Removal of notice


Ambit claims

Removal of notice

Electricity and water charges


Environmental artists

Ambit claims

Answers to questions:

Treasurer's Advance (Question No 571)

Canberra Institute of Technology - unsuccessful enrolment applicants
(Question No 577)

Relief teachers (Question No 603)

Conder Primary School (Question No 608)

Housing Trust - housing stock debt (Question No 610)

Griffith Primary School - security (Question No 615)

Griffith Primary School - deputy principal (Question No 624)

Housing Trust - household structures (Question No 649)

Housing Trust - maintenance surveys (Question No 660)

Road safety - Deakin and Yarralumla roadworks (Question No 680)


Appendix 1: Goods and services tax

Appendix 2: Flag - contract

Appendix 3: Members' staff