Tuesday, 30 March 1993

Petition: Landlord and tenant legislation

Questions without notice:

Motor vehicle thefts

Youth unemployment

Unemployment statistics

Motor vehicle thefts

Motor vehicle thefts

Health advisory council

Health budget

Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Committee

Canberry Fair site

Frequent flyer programs

Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Committee

Influenza vaccine

Leave of absence to members

Auditor-General - report No 1 of 1993

Subordinate legislation and commencement provision

Land (Planning and Environment) Act leases

Attorney-General (Motion of censure)

Dog attacks (Matter of public importance)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Adoption (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1993

Violence against women - national strategy

Medicare agreement - funding of public hospitals

Wednesday, 31 March 1993

Petition: Landlord and tenant legislation

Dog Control (Amendment) Bill 1993

Children's Services (Amendment) Bill 1993

Commercial Tenancies Bill 1993

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill 1993

Building (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1992

Crimes (Offences against the Government) (Amendment)

Questions without notice:

Enterprise bargaining

Health budget

ACTEW enterprise agreement

Prostitution legislation

ACTEW enterprise agreement

Magistrates Court - practice directions

ACTEW enterprise agreement

Departmental accident statistics

Industrial Relations Commission hearing

Blue-green algae

ACTEW enterprise agreement

Subordinate legislation

Law review program (Ministerial statement)

Banking practices (Matter of public importance)

Corrections Review Committee report - government response

Publications Control (Amendment) Bill 1993

Film Classification (Amendment) Bill 1993


Answers to questions:

Police force - communications with other security agencies
(Question No 505)

Housing Trust properties - Lyneham and Dickson (Question No 540)

Housing Trust - tertiary student tenants (Question No 567)

Housing Trust properties - O'Connor and Ainslie (Question No 586)

Holder High School building (Question No 602)

North Curtin Primary School building (Question No 618)

Library Service - salaries and overtime expenditure (Question No 633)

Litter - cigarette butts (Question No 635)

Traffic and pedestrian study - Hughes and Garran (Question No 638)

Director of City Services (Question No 670)

Thursday, 1 April 1993


Radiation (Amendment) Bill 1993

Buildings (Design and Siting) (Amendment) Bill 1993

Land (Planning and Environment) (Consequential Provisions)
(Amendment) Bill 1993

Liquor (Amendment) Bill 1993

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill 1993 [No 2]

Magistrates Court (Amendment) Bill (No 2)1993

Traffic (Amendment) Bill 1993

Motor Traffic (Alcohol and Drugs) (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1993

Social Policy - standing committee

Planning, Development and Infrastructure - standing committee

Canberra in the Year 2020 study

Distinguished visitor

Questions without notice:

ACTEW enterprise agreement

Naval communications stations

ACTEW enterprise agreement

Methadone program

ACTEW enterprise agreement

Community medical practitioners

Acton Peninsula

Health budget

Unemployment statistics

Attorney-General (Motion of censure)

Violence - National Committee

Departmental accident statistics

Age discrimination

Personal explanation

Human Rights Office - report 1992 (Ministerial statement)

Enterprise agreement (Matter of public importance)


Methdone program

Tuggeranong Valley - community report

National Folk Festival

Sly and Weigall

Methadone program

Member's wedding

Answers to questions:

Lottery (Question No 456)

Dual occupancy development - Griffith (Question No 504)

Teacher transfers (Question No 507)

Woden Valley Hospital - emergency department waiting times
(Question No 512)

Pensioner concessions (Question No 515)

School burglaries (Question No 526)

Gungahlin - Aboriginal site (Question No 528)

Housing Trust - non-resident applicants (Question No 535)

Housing Trust properties - asbestos roof insulation (Question No 539)

Housing Trust - tenancy agreement breaches (Question No 541)

Housing Trust properties - damage by tenants (Question No 544)

High schools - repairs and maintenance (Question No 547)

Government schools - excess places (Question No 556)

Chief Minister - interstate visits (Question No 558)

Treasurer - interstate visits (Question No 559)

Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning - interstate visits
(Question No 560)

Minister for Education and Training - interstate visits (Question No 561)

Attorney-General - interstate visits (Question No 562)

Minister for Housing and Community Services - interstate visits
(Question No 563)

Minister for Health - interstate visits (Question No 564)

Minister for Sport - interstate visits (Question No 565)

Minister for Urban Services - interstate visits (Question No 566)

Ex-gratia payments (Question No 570)

Housing Trust tenants - excess water accounts (Question No 575)

Government schools - excess places and non-salary costs (Question No 576)

Students repeating Year 12 (Question No 581)

Housing Trust properties - Burnie Court (Question No 582)

Housing Trust properties - Burnie Court (Question No 584)

Housing Trust properties - Burnie Court (Question No 585)

Traffic surveys - Hughes (Question No 588)

Housing Trust properties - Burnie Court (Question No 589)

Housing Trust properties - Burnie Court (Question No 590)

Housing Trust properties - Burnie Court (Question No 592)

Housing Trust properties - unauthorised tenants (Question No 593)

Housing Trust properties - Burnie Court (Question No 595)

Housing Trust - staff (Question No 596)

Cook Primary School - multiple intelligence theory (Question No 604)

Housing Trust properties - additional occupants (Question No 607)

Housing Trust properties - subleasing (Question No 611)

Housing Trust properties - Kambah (Question No 612)

Supported accommodation assistance program - short cuts information and
advocacy service (Question No 613)



Housing Trust - waiting list (Question No 617)

Housing Trust - rental bond payments (Question No 620)

Housing Trust - private rent defaulters (Question No 621)

Housing Trust properties - Burnie Court (Question No 622)

Teacher actions - parent confidence (Question No 623)

Housing Trust - waiting times (Question No 626)

Stamp duty (Question No 630)

Belconnen basketball centre - parking (Question No 637)

Housing Trust - stock management policy (Question No 643)

Housing Trust - technical audit (Question No 644)

Housing Trust - flat complexes (Question No 646)

Housing Trust - residency requirement (Question No 648)

Housing Trust - household structures (Question No 650)

Housing Trust properties - sale restrictions (Question No 651)

Housing Trust - rent levels (Question No 654)

Housing Trust - refusals of assistance (Question No 656)

Housing Trust - tenant self-help program (Question No 658)


Appendix 1 : Housing Trust - significant events