Tuesday, 23 February 1993


X-rated videos

Landlord and tenant legislation

Questions without notice:

Australian Public Service - staff reductions

Joint venture housing development -

Braddon Breast cancer screening program launch

School boards - departmental nominees

Women - protection from HIV

Police numbers

Trades and Labour Council picnic day

Gungahlin - Aboriginal site

Belconnen basketball centre - parking

Griffith Primary School

Goods and services tax - health care

Subordinate legislation

Land (Planning and Environment) Act lease

Breast screening clinic (Ministerial statement)

Women - opportunity and choice (Matter of public importance)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Planning, Development and Infrastructure - standing committee

Medical Practitioners Registration (Amendment) Bill 1993

Health Bill 1993

Health (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1993

Wednesday, 24 February 1993

Petition: Landlord and tenant legislation

Animal Welfare Act (Amendment) Bill 1993

Occupational Health and Safety (Repeal) Bill 1993

School closures

Questions without notice:

RSL retirement village

Land use variations

Legislative Assembly - telephone numbers

Gas meters - reading charges

Milk bottles

ACTION - job vacancy

Baby capsules

National Baseball League team


Vocational Training Authority - appointments

Worksafe Australia

Women - protection from HIV

Breast cancer screening program launch

Legislative Assembly - telephone numbers

Health funding (Matter of public importance)

Business Franchise ("X" Videos) (Amendment) Bill 1993

Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Bill 1993

Business Franchise (Liquor) Bill 1993

Business Franchise (Liquor) (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1993


Child abuse

Goods and services tax

Tuggeranong Australian rules football club

Tuggeranong Australian rules football club

Goods and services tax



Thursday, 25 February 1993

Motor Traffic (Alcohol and Drugs) (Amendment) Bill 1993

Social Policy - standing committee

Standing committees

Standing committees

Personal explanations

Drugs - select committee

Canberra in the Year 2020 study

Questions without notice:

Flag - contract

Fightback - Treasury analysis

Members' staff

Laboratory assistants - industrial dispute

Hospital beds

Parking infringements - penalties

Goods and services tax - racing industry


Education - administrative structure

Territory Plan variation - Griffith

Road maintenance

ACTION - job vacancy

Parking infringements - penalties

RSL retirement village

Vocational Training Authority - appointments

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Conference study trip


Canberra in the Year 2020 study (Ministerial statement)

Unemployment (Matter of public importance)

Personal explanation

Workers' Compensation (Amendment) Bill 1992

Personal explanation


Members' staff

Members' staff

Members' staff

Croatian Embassy

State Bank of New South Wales

ACTION bus drivers

Legislative process

Federal election


Answers to questions:

Government Service - over-award payments (Question No 307)

Health portfolio - committees, boards and advisory groups (Question No 336)

Canberra Institute of Technology - fitting and turning courses
(Question No 511)

University councils - appointments (Question No 522)

Government fees and charges - use of credit cards (Question No 523)

Planning approvals - fire-damaged house in Garran (Question No 527)

Aboriginal sacred sites (Question No 529)

Arts organisations - annual reports and financial statements
(Question No 531)

Arts organisations - annual reports and financial statements
(Question No 532)

Canberra Theatre Trust - performance statistics (Question No 533)

Arts grants program - jazz concerts (Question No 534)

Canberra Institute of Technology - possible Tuggeranong campus
(Question No 548)

Canberra Institute of Technology - semester and term dates
(Question No 549)

Cook and Lyons primary schools - Year 6 students (Question No 550)

Student Representative Council (Question No 552)

Homework Club (Question No 553)

Florey Primary School - transportable classroom (Question No 554)

Canberra Institute of Technology - purchase order for medical advice
(Question No 555)

ACTEW - Senior Executive Service officer statistics (Question No 572)

Rent relief for private tenants (Question No 579)

Ministerial Advisory Council on Public Education (Question No 580)


Appendix: Vocational Training Authority