Page 3443 - Week 13 - Wednesday, 25 November 1992

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Mr De Domenico: You will let them dictate to you.


MR BERRY: No. Mr De Domenico interjects, "You will let them dictate to you". No; we are trying to avoid confrontation, not promote it like the Liberals would. We are going to work with people to search out productivity gains and efficiencies which are most acceptable to all of the parties. If you stand in this place and say, "We are going to lay down the law to workers", like the Liberals would, you end up with the chaos that exists in Victoria. We are not going to do that.

Tuggeranong Swimming Centre

MR LAMONT: My question is also directed to the Deputy Chief Minister, but in his capacity as Minister for Sport. What is the current state of construction of the Tuggeranong pool?

MR BERRY: This is an important issue for the people of the ACT because it means that there will be a new and quality facility for all of the people in the Territory, particularly for those people in Tuggeranong because it will, by virtue of distance, be more accessible. I emphasise that this is a facility for Canberra and it will be recognised as such. I went out and had a look at it a couple of days ago. It is in the construction stage and I must say that I was most impressed, particularly by the size of the pool and the complex as a whole, and the sorts of services it will offer.

The structural steel and concrete work for the basis of the pool and those sorts of things is virtually complete. There is a significant amount of brickwork and the roof is going on, which is a good sign. The exterior of the fitness area is nearly complete and work has commenced on the roof of the main pool hall. Construction of the walls of the main pool hall is also progressing satisfactorily. In recent weeks there has been a water test of the main pool. They pumped some water in and tested the pool, and apparently everything is fine. The water has been taken out and they are getting back on with the construction. The finishing process is necessarily a long one, but ideally we will end up with a pool - - -

Mr De Domenico: A great pool.

MR BERRY: We will be ready for a swim, Mr De Domenico, in about March.

Mr De Domenico: March, did you say?

MR BERRY: In about March.

Mr Moore: Just after summer.

MR BERRY: Mr Moore calls out, "Just after summer", but we will be swimming there quite comfortably in winter. It is a pool which I think will be warmly accepted by the people of Tuggeranong in particular. It will be widely used by sporting organisations and people who want to involve themselves in swimming as a recreation across Canberra. It is something that I think we can all be quite proud of.

Ms Follett: I ask that further questions be placed on the notice paper.

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