Page 4343 - Week 14 - Thursday, 24 October 1991

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Reserved and Special Motor Vehicle Number Plates

Mr Kaine - asked the Minister for Urban Services:

(1) Does the Motor Registry store registration plates for private owners for up to two years.

(2) Is the fee $50 per month for two months maximum and then $25 per month thereafter.

(3) At the expiration of two years, do the plates then become available on the open market.

(4) Why are charges so high for storage.

(5) Why cannot owners retain registration plates for longer than two years.

(6) Why does the Motor Registry have to store such plates and not the owners.

Mr Connolly - The answer to the members question is as follows:

(1) & (2) The Motor Vehicle Registry stores number plates for private owners for varying periods. In the ACT, number plate reservation (and storage) procedures are divided into two separate categories: reserved number plates and special number plates.

Reserved number plates are plates such as the normal "Y" series or the two alpha-three numberic series, eg. MOO Reserved number plates may be held prior to allocation to a vehicle for a period of two years. Such reservations may be maintained indefinitely, subject to payment of the determined fee which is currently $225 for two years.

Special number plates embrace all numeric plates in the range 1-99999 and "A" series plates. The maximum period for which a special number plate or right to a special number plate can be reserved is five years. The fee to reserve rights and store plates for up to 12 months is $50 for the minimum reservation period of two months and $25 for each subsequent month. That is, for each 12 month period, the fee totals $300. No additional charges are made for the physical storage of number plates.


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