Page 4323 - Week 14 - Thursday, 24 October 1991

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Ambulance Service

MR BERRY (Minister for Health and Minister for Sport) (5.45): I rise to speak in relation to the matter that Mr Humphries debated in his personal explanation. He was very careful not to endorse the report of the then director of the Ambulance Service in relation to the complaint made about the Ambulance Service, which was the subject of debate earlier today. That clearly indicates to me that Mr Humphries is prepared to attempt to discredit that officer's report. That officer, as I explained earlier, was involved in the Save Our Schools campaign, and it causes me a great deal of concern that the Liberals would seek to - - -

Mr Humphries: Mr Speaker, on a point of order: I think Mr Berry came very close earlier today to making unparliamentary comments, and I think he is certainly doing so now.

MR BERRY: You are trying to soak up my time, Gary.

Mr Humphries: No, it is a very important matter, Mr Speaker. He is alleging that I have victimised a person in the ACT Ambulance Service because I disagree with that person's participation in - - -

MR SPEAKER: Order! Mr Humphries, I think you are making another personal explanation. It is not a point of order.

Mr Humphries: No, it is a point of order, Mr Speaker. I ask Mr Berry to withdraw the inference that I have victimised somebody on the basis of his participation in some school campaign. It is unparliamentary, and it is untrue.

MR SPEAKER: I think I uphold that objection, Mr Berry. Have you any comment to make on that?

MR BERRY: Mr Speaker, the Liberals have taken their eyes off the game and they are onto the individual. There is no doubt that they are attempting to discredit that officer's report. That officer was involved in the Save Our Schools campaign.

Mr Humphries: Mr Speaker, I ask him to withdraw. He has made an accusation of a quite serious kind about me. It is untrue, and I ask that it be withdrawn.

MR SPEAKER: I think the imputation is fairly serious, Mr Berry, and I would ask you to withdraw that.

Mr Jensen: Where is your proof, Wayne?

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