Page 4293 - Week 14 - Thursday, 24 October 1991

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Turning to the report itself, the audit assessed the management effectiveness and efficiency of works contracts administration by ACT Public Works in the Department of Urban Services. The Audit Office selected several projects from the city services group - also part of the Department of Urban Services - for detailed review. The Auditor-General noted that many strengths exist in the current system. However, several deficiencies were identified which have a significant adverse impact on the execution of projects by ACT Public Works in an efficient and effective manner. The report notes that the Auditor-General was advised that many of these matters either had been addressed or were under review following the audit.

The department, in its submission, stated that it saw the report as a useful tool for management in providing an external view of the operations covered, particularly in relation to paving and minor works projects. The department continued by stating that the comments and conclusions relevant to those projects cannot readily be generalised to the broader range of projects managed within the capital works program.

As I stated earlier, the committee has decided not to proceed with further review in relation to this audit report. It will, however, maintain an interest in the matters raised. Mr Speaker, I would like to table, for the information of members, the submission from the Department of Urban Services, plus additional information in relation to paving, plus the comments from the Auditor-General in relation to the submission. The committee believes that this information will be of interest to you in forthcoming debate. I seek leave to table those documents.

Leave granted.


MR MOORE (4.18), by leave: I move:


(1) Not withstanding the order of the Assembly of 21 June 1991, the Assembly meet on Friday, 22 November 1991, and that on that day the Assembly meet at 10.30 am and that at that sitting private members' business have precedence of all other business; and

(2) Standing orders 74 and 77 be suspended for that sitting.

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