Page 4166 - Week 14 - Wednesday, 23 October 1991

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MR HUMPHRIES (3.11): I seek leave to make a statement to the Assembly concerning the ACT Ambulance Service.

Leave not granted.


That so much of standing and temporary orders be suspended as would prevent Mr Humphries from making a statement concerning the ACT Ambulance Service.

I have given notice of this statement to the Government and, I think, to a number of other members around the chamber. It concerns an incident which I believe needs to be aired. I did clearly indicate to Mr Berry yesterday that I was going to make a statement. Events yesterday concerning a Minister's misconduct, shall we say, resulted in - - -

Mr Connolly: Point of order!

MR HUMPHRIES: I withdraw "misconduct", Mr Speaker. His admonition for misleading the Assembly, if he prefers that, prevented that from happening yesterday. The Government clearly had notice of this statement, and I believe that it is appropriate for me to make it here. I know that the Government is sensitive about issues such as this. It would rather not hear what is going on in the Ambulance Service; but the fact is that it needs to, and I intend to get the concurrence of the Assembly to make that statement.

MR BERRY (Deputy Chief Minister) (3.13): The Government, of course, has a very busy legislative program to deal with. Mr Humphries gave notice yesterday that he would be seeking leave of the Assembly to proceed in the manner which he has suggested today. Yesterday, Mr Speaker, the Government would not have granted leave because it would have interfered with the Government's process of dealing with its legislative program. The same applies today. The Government will not grant leave. It wants to get on with its legislative program.

There is no point in dealing with these private members' matters which are not even on the notice paper. If Mr Humphries wants to be serious about bringing on matters about the ACT Ambulance Service or any other matter within his shadow portfolio, he can ask questions in the Assembly,

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