Page 4159 - Week 14 - Wednesday, 23 October 1991

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We are prepared to let that review run and look at all aspects of the delivery of mental health services, not just a couple; and where there is a need for improvements and change, then that issue will be addressed. It is early days for Mr Humphries to jump in now and attack the review, which he set up. I think that that is a disgraceful thing for him to do and an irresponsible thing for a former Minister, and I think he thinks a prospective Minister, of any political party to be involved in. It is a disgraceful move.

Royal Canberra Hospital

DR KINLOCH: My question is addressed to Mr Berry as Minister for Health. I recognise that he may well not be able to put his finger on this particular one. Therefore, I hope that he will investigate it. Information has been given to the Rally that earlier this month a party of four allegedly unescorted businessmen, some of them with cameras, undertook an inspection of the Royal Canberra Hospital buildings. Would this indicate that, amongst the options being examined for the Acton facilities, the Government is considering the sale of all or some of the buildings currently comprising the Royal Canberra Hospital?

MR BERRY: Here we go again. This is another one of the furphies which are targeted by the Rally to try to get a bit of notoriety.

Dr Kinloch: On a point of order, Mr Speaker: I totally resent the idea that I am asking questions in order to get notoriety. I am asking a straight question. I expect a straight answer.

MR SPEAKER: Order! I call Mr Berry.

MR BERRY: This is another stunt. A statement has been made by the Government in relation to the Acton site. Dr Kinloch has heard it. He should have recorded it somewhere and recalled it when necessary. A range of services will be provided on the Acton site. The Acton site will remain in public ownership. It will consist of public health facilities.

There is a planning study under way at the moment that I think started on 14 October. It will run for some weeks, and at the end of the day the Government will make some decision about the nature of the facilities provided on that site and the use of the existing buildings. For the Residents Rally to start this sort of scaremongering is just over the top. We have just about had enough, and so has the rest of the community.

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