Page 4125 - Week 14 - Wednesday, 23 October 1991

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an alternative proposal or proposals to the electors. The Bill promotes an atmosphere of continuing consultation, parliamentary debate, and inquiry by parliamentary committees should the parliament so desire. The provision for the withdrawal and amalgamation of petitions is to avoid unnecessary duplication.

I commend this Bill for your consideration and approval, and for the positiveness and responsibility it will promote within the community. A very stabilising feature of the initiative and referendum process is that the fate of the government does not depend on its outcome. It falls to this parliament to have the privilege of supporting this legislation of vital interest to the community and to take the initiative on its passing into law in the ACT, providing a lead for every other State and Territory in Australia.

I present this draft Bill, seeking an atmosphere of sincere and genuine discussion, both in this house and in the community at large.

Debate (on motion by Mr Kaine) adjourned.


MR COLLAERY: Pursuant to standing order 128, I fix the next day of sitting for the presentation of this Bill.


Debate resumed from 7 August 1991, on motion by Mr Collaery:

That this Bill be agreed to in principle.

MR DUBY (11.03): This Bill has been a matter of some contention in the Assembly for some time, as I am sure all members are aware. In general, the realpolitik of the situation is that Mr Collaery and his colleagues, including me, are of the opinion that there are insufficient votes in the Assembly to be able to pass this legislation as is. Might I say at the outset that in principle I support the aim Mr Collaery has initiated with this Bill, namely, that there should be a more equitable and even spread of resources available to non-government members of the Assembly. However, I am not so sure that the proposed amendment to the LA(MS) Act, as outlined in this legislation, would achieve that.

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