Page 4077 - Week 14 - Tuesday, 22 October 1991

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We should have been in a negotiating position to have a given term contract. That given term contract could be reconsidered and we would be in the appropriate position of power, the appropriate relationship with any of the police forces that work for us as a parliament. It is a great loss that Mr Collaery was unable to negotiate that; it reflects his lack of negotiating skills. It is an appalling indictment not only of himself but of the Alliance Government.

The unenviable position in which the Labor Government has been put in regard to both this budget and its relations with police has been made much more difficult by the sorts of comments made by Mr Stefaniak, Mr Stevenson and others. You cannot on the one hand say "We have to be tough, we have to have a tough budget", and on the other hand not wear some of the cuts in areas that you happen to think are important. If you are going to take a responsible attitude to this budget, and a responsible attitude has been taken by successive governments in ensuring that we do not have a deficit budget, then it is most important that you also wear some of the flak.

This sort of political grandstanding is going to achieve nothing for anybody, and the Canberra community, contrary to the terms of this matter of public importance, will see right through this rubbish.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: The time for the discussion has expired.


Reports and Statement

MRS GRASSBY: I present reports Nos 16 and 17 of 1991 of the Standing Committee on Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation. I seek leave to make a brief statement on the reports.

Leave granted.

MRS GRASSBY: Report No. 16 was presented out of session on 1 October 1991, pursuant to the committee's resolution of appointment. Report No. 17 details the committee's comments on 19 pieces of subordinate legislation, 14 Bills and four government responses to previous committee reports. I commend the reports to the Assembly.

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