Page 4007 - Week 14 - Tuesday, 22 October 1991

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to terminate an answer if he has had plenty of time to answer it and he has not done so. I submit that that has happened at least four times today with this pseudo-Minister who will not, under any circumstances, answer a question.

Ms Follett: Mr Speaker, I would ask that further questions be placed on the notice paper.

MR SPEAKER: I will just point out to members that answers to questions on the hill and in other places take much longer than is allowed to happen here. I usually allow seven minutes before I ask the member to sit. This is my personal rule. If members would like to vary that and put it in the standing orders that the Ministers' answers should be shorter than that, please do so.

Road Safety - Rabaul Lane

MR CONNOLLY: Mr Speaker, on 10 September, Mr Stevenson asked me about traffic safety along Rabaul Lane, following a recent low speed head-on collision between two vehicles. I took that question on notice, and I now will give an answer.

A review of the accident history of Rabaul Lane for the period 1985 to the end of 1990 indicated 11 reported accidents. Two of these accidents involved parked vehicles and three involved vehicles reversing, but there were no head-on collisions. Six of those accidents occurred in 1990.

The options available to improve traffic safety in Rabaul Lane are limited if full access to Rabaul Lane from Nangari Street and Akuna Street is to be maintained, but the restriction of parking on both sides of the road is being investigated. The removal of four government parking spaces and a reduction in the length of the loading zone in Rabaul Lane are options currently being considered. The utilisation of the loading zone will be monitored and discussions with the Transport Workers Union will be undertaken, with a view to reducing the length of the loading zone in that street.

Handyhelp Home Help Service

MR CONNOLLY: I am in a position to answer a question that was asked, on 17 October, by Dr Kinloch, who said that it had been alleged by a client of the Handyhelp home help service that the home help service had closed its books due to a lack of money. He asked whether I could comment.

The answer to Dr Kinloch's question is as follows: Under the home and community care program, the home help service received a grant of $1,050,644 in 1990-91. It will receive

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