Tuesday, 13 August 1991

Member's travel costs

Petition: Police offences legislation

Questions without notice:

Casino project

Mail deliveries

Secondary behavioural management support unit

Hospital redevelopment project

Bruce Stadium - lease by Canberra Raiders

Canberra Nature Park - noxious plants

Intellectual disability services

Postnatal depression

Intellectual disability services

Auditor-General - Reports Nos 7 and 8 of 1991

Treasurer's Advance


Legislation program - budget sittings 1991 (Ministerial statement)

Hospital redevelopment program - feasibility study (Ministerial statement)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

HIV Illegal Drugs and Prostitution - select committee-

Auditor-General - Report No 8 of 1991 (Ministerial statement)

Electricity and Water (Amendment) Bill 1991

Suspension of standing order 76

Electricity and Water (Amendment) Bill 1991

Adjournment: Auditor-General

Wednesday, 14 August 1991

Petition: Fluoridation

Police Offences (Amendment) Bill 1991

Authority to record and broadcast proceedings

Questions without notice:


Recycling of motor oil

Royal Canberra Hospital

School bus service

Sylvia Curley House

Ainslie Transfer Station

Toxic waste

Dog control

Private hospital beds

Domestic violence

ACTION - meal allowances

Electricity accounts

Recycling of motor oil


Defamation law reform (Ministerial statement)

Political advertising (Matter of public importance)

Electricity and Water (Amendment) Bill 1991

Estimates - select committee

Thursday, 15 August 1991

Magistrates Court (Amendment) Bill 1991

Magistrates Court (Civil Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Bill 1991

Small Claims (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1991

Building (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1991

Associations Incorporation Bib 1991

Film Classification (Amendment) Bill 1991

Registration of Births Deaths and Marriages (Amendment) Bill 1991

Water Supply (Chemical Treatment) (Repeal) Bill 1991

Social Policy - standing committee

Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Bill 1991

Evidence (Closed-Circuit Television) Bill 1991

Gaming Machine (Amendment) Bill 1991

Questions without notice:

Private hospital beds

Stromlo High School

Holder and Weston Creek High Schools

Schools M-rated movies

Government Service - staff cuts

Bicycles in shopping centres

Sportsgrounds - emergency telephones

Stromlo High School

School bus service

Aged welfare (Matter of public importance)

Public Accounts - standing committee

HIV Illegal Drugs and Prostitution - select committee

Personal reflection on members

Gaming Machine (Amendment) Bill 1991

Commercial Arbitration (Amendment) Bill 1991


Hartley Court - respite care

Licensed club industry

Gaming machine industry

Gaming machine legislation

Answers to questions:

Outstanding government accounts (Question No 422)

Dog control (Question No 423)

Houses on rural leases (Question No 424)

Labor Government policies (Question No 446)

Residential land servicing (Question No 447)

Residential land servicing (Question No 448)

Residential land servicing (Question No 449)

Residential land servicing (Question No 450)

Residential land servicing (Question No 451)

Commercial lease renewal premiums (Question No 454)

Planning legislation (Question No 462)

Heritage places register (Question No 463)

Residential land servicing (Question No 464)

Residential land servicing (Question No 465)

Environment forum (Question No 466)

Residential land prices (Question No 467)

Office of Sport Recreation and Racing (Question No 471)

Radio station 2SSS (Question No 472)

ACTEW - corporatisation (Question No 473)

Traffic islands (Question No 475)

Victim impact statements (Question No 477)

Prison arrangements (Question No 478)

Tuggeranong swimming centre (Question No 483)

Holder housing development (Question No 485)

Holder and Duffy housing developments (Question No 486)

Phillip swimming and ice skating centre (Question No 489)

Phillip swimming and ice skating centre (Question No 490)

Harness Racing Club (Question No 491)

Bruce Stadium lease agreement (Question No 492)

Tendering and purchasing processes (Question No 493)

Belconnen Remand Centre statistics (Question No 498)

Prisoner statistics (Question No 508)

Remand statistics (Question No 509)

Toxic waste - transport (Question No 513)

Rural leases (Question No 514)

Namatjira Drive roadworks (Question No 516)

Electricity service interruptions (Question No 517)

Environment Land and Planning portfolio - consultants
(Question No 522)

Sport portfolio - public relations staff (Question No 527)

Environment Land and Planning portfolio - public relations staff
(Question No 530)

Minister for Sport - personal staff (Question No 535)

Minister for Health - personal staff (Question No 536)

Minister for Education and the Arts - personal staff (Question No 537)

Minister for the Environment Land and Planning - personal staff
(Question No 538)


Attorney-General - personal staff (Question No 539)

Minister for Housing and Community Services - personal staff
(Question No 540)

Minister for Urban Services - personal staff (Question No 541)

Environment Land and Planning portfolio - public relations consultants
(Question No 546)

Housing and Community Services portfolio - public relations consultants
(Question No 548)

Minister for Sport - interstate visits (Question No 551)

Minister for Health - interstate visits (Question No 552)

Minister for Education and the Arts - interstate visits (Question No. 557)

Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning - interstate visits
(Question No. 558)

Attorney-General - interstate visits (Question No. 559)

Minister for Housing and Community Services - interstate visits
(Question No. 560)

Minister for Urban Services - interstate visits (Question No. 561)

Chief Planner - recruitment (Question No. 564)

Commercial and private inquiry agents (Question No. 565)

Criminal injuries compensation


Appendix 1: Postnatal depression

Appendix 2: Intellectual disability services