Tuesday, 28 May 1991

Petition: Mental health

Questions without notice:

Health budget


Health budget

Commercial leases

Trading hours

Hospital redevelopment project

Motor vehicle insurance

Commercial leases

Hospital services

Commercial rents

Alliance Government

Hospice services

Vocational Training Authority

Energy sources

Death of Mr Rajiv Gandhi

Death of Professor Manning Clark

Auditor-General - Report No 4 of 1991

Petrol pricing (Ministerial statement)

Subordinate legislation and commencement provisions

Explanatory memoranda (Ministerial statement)

Planning Development and Infrastructure and Conservation Heritage and
Environment - standing committees

Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Bill 1991

Small Claims (Amendment) Bill 1991

Supply Bill 1991-92

Answers to questions:

Consultants - Health Education and the Arts (Question No 339)

Ministerial staff - Deputy Chief Minister (Question No 346)

Capital Bible Church School (Question No 356)

Teacher resignations (Question No 358)

Hospitals - waiting lists (Question No 387)

Schools - transport service contract (Question No 389)

Canberra Grammar School - Higher School Certificate students
(Question No 391)

Weston Creek Health Centre (Question No 397)

Illegal immigrants (Question No 402)

Domestic water rates (Question No 403)

Road resealing - Musgrave Street Yarralumla (Question No 411)

Hospitals - waiting lists (Question No 416)

Tuggeranong Health Centre - building alterations (Question No 417)

Royal Canberra Hospital - public relations campaign

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Hospitals - waiting lists

Dental services

Health management


Wednesday, 29 May 1991

Alliance Government : Special adjournment (Ministerial statement)

Chief Minister

Alliance Government : Special adjournment

Thursday, 6 June 1991

Chief Minister (Motion of want of confidence)

Election of Chief Minister

Follett Government (Ministerial statement)

Election of Leader of the Opposition

Administration and Procedures - standing committee

Cultural Activities and Facilities - select committee

Suspension of standing orders

Supply Bill 1991-92

Special adjournment

Leave of absence to member

Answers to questions:

Hospitals - nurse vacancies (Question No 398)

Private hospital (Question No 399)

Weston Creek Health Centre


Motor vehicle servicing

Slow-Stream Rehabilitation Unit

Hospital beds

Hospital beds

Acting Director of Pathology