Page 93 - Week 01 - Tuesday, 12 February 1991

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MR SPEAKER: Mr Moore, I point out again that I completely uphold your statements and sentiments on justice, and therefore I express the opinion that I have already presented to you: Those documents should be presented to me or the Clerk so that we can take a legal opinion on the matter before we allow them to go before this Assembly.

Peace Vigil

DR KINLOCH (10.05): First of all, I believe that it is President Lincoln's birthday. He too had a magnificent nose and I think that in politics the having of a great nose is one of the great assets. One smells out nonsense when one hears it. It has been a joy today for all of us to be back here in the presence of so much good company; it is absolutely delightful. There has been wonderful wit and badinage going back and forth and up and down and around the house. It has been absolutely marvellous. There have been serious topics for debate - the west Asia war, the electoral system, and the question of fluoride. There have been wonderful, interesting side conversations and marvellous comments we have all laughed at. So it has been a good day.

I was rather ungenerous and inaccurate - thinking of that well-known Irishman, Pinocchio - earlier in the day. When I got to Ursula College at 5 o'clock tonight I discovered that in fact the people running the vigil were from the Church of the Good Shepherd, Curtin, in particular Beryl Holder and Carol Wood. They are continuing until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. I invite all members of the Assembly to come along. You can stop by for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour - whatever you like. It is at Ursula College and it goes on all day - 24 hours a day - up to the end of the time of the World Council of Churches Assembly. So, at any time any members of the house are welcome.

Mr Wayne Berry - Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary

MRS GRASSBY (10.06): My only enjoyment at being back in the house today is to note the fact that my colleague Mr Wayne Berry has been married for 25 years today. I rise to congratulate him, and I am sure the whole of the house would also like to congratulate him on this. His wife, Rhonda, who was here but unfortunately has gone home to bed, has spent 25 years with this wonderful man. She is a saint, and I am sure that when she goes to heaven she will have a front seat. I am sure that Wayne will be there with her too.

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