Page 304 - Week 01 - Thursday, 14 February 1991

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buying and selling are done on the stock exchange of securities, where the buyer and seller each pay half the duty. It is only that last sector with which we are concerned here.

Having regard for that, so far as the ACT is concerned, while we cannot be precise on what the final outcome on the revenue will be, it will clearly be very minor. It will be nothing like the $11m that Ms Follett threw out yesterday. She might do a bit more research before she throws those figures about. So far as the ACT economy is concerned, I believe that the action taken by the Premier of New South Wales is the right one. I would say that in the very near future all the other States will follow. This did not come quite out of the blue. It is a matter that has been under debate and discussion for quite some time. It should not have been any surprise to anybody and we - along with the other States and the Northern Territory - will follow the Premier of New South Wales in that decision, I would guess, within a very short time.

Passive Smoking

MR MOORE: My question is directed to Mr Duby, as the Minister for industrial relations. It follows a question that was asked yesterday of Mr Humphries about smoking. Considering the High Court decision on smoking, is the Government intending to make a statement on the occupational health and safety ramifications of that High Court decision? What will the Government stance be now in ensuring that workers are protected from the deleterious effects of passive smoking?

MR DUBY: I thank Mr Moore for the question. Mr Moore is undoubtedly aware that smoking is currently banned in ACT Government buildings, throughout this building and throughout other properties which belong to the Territory; but, more to the point, Mr Moore, I am not the Minister for industrial relations.

Public Housing

MS MAHER: My question is directed to Mr Collaery, as the Minister for Housing and Community Services. Can the Minister inform the Assembly as to what steps have been taken to reduce public housing vacancy times?

MR COLLAERY: I thank Ms Maher for the question. Mr Speaker, new procedures have resulted in the improvement of three weeks on average in the time taken to undertake internal painting and other maintenance on vacated dwellings. The average turnaround time at the end of last year - and these matters take some time to assess - was 24

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