Page 300 - Week 01 - Thursday, 14 February 1991

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ACT for the Christmas period. The total number of road deaths on ACT roads in 1990 was 27, compared with 36 in 1989.

I want to publicly record the thanks of the Government and the respect of the community for the great effort the AFP put into policing our roads during the Christmas season. I particularly thank all those uniformed officers who gave up their normal leave to meet the requirements of this campaign, and I express thanks to their families for putting up with that disruption.

Macquarie Primary School

MR BERRY: I am tempted to ask the question of Mr Duby. I see that he is reading an excellent publication, "Burdekin slams Collaery". I was going to ask him, "How many times?". But my question is directed to Mr Humphries. Mr Humphries, what are you going to do about the fact that 35 pupils in grade 5 at Macquarie Primary School - and we happen to know the numbers there; perhaps you might not - are isolated from the rest of the school to the extent that they have to undertake something equivalent to the Long March to get to the toilets?

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, Mr Berry, as usual, has got his facts wrong; there are actually 36 students involved in the group. The facts are fairly immaterial, so it is hardly important to raise them, but I thought he might like to know what they were.

Mr Berry describes year 5 students in Macquarie Primary School who are in the wing - the former infants wing - in which the Independent Living Centre is presently located. He describes that location as being distant from the rest of the school. I think he used the term "the Long March". I have to say, Mr Speaker, that anybody who has visited the school - that probably does not include Mr Berry - would not need to look very hard to see that, in fact, the distance between those two parts of the school is very small. I would hardly think it constitutes a major problem for the time being.

I do not particularly like the fact that we have been unable to provide better accommodation for that school at this stage. However, I remind those opposite, Mr Speaker, that the reason the Independent Living Centre is still in the Macquarie Primary School, and not moved out pursuant to the Government's announced intentions, is that the Trades and Labour Council asked the Government to leave the Independent Living Centre there until such time as an inquiry was conducted into appropriate locations for it. That is the reason why it has not been moved out. If I had my choice it would go out tomorrow. I make no secret about that.

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