Page 225 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 13 February 1991

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difficulties with their tenancy arrangements. However, whether or to what extent these may be a factor in the increase in bankruptcy in the ACT is by no means clear, and the Leader of the Opposition would acknowledge, I think, that the primary cause of bankruptcy is the overall economic situation in Australia.

I also advised that the Government proposed to regulate such tenancies through the introduction of a code of practice, backed by fair trading legislation, and that I would be asking the principal industry associations to enter into negotiations to formulate a code of practice based on the New South Wales code. A series of meetings with industry representatives on a code of practice has taken place since August of last year, but they were temporarily suspended so that the Government could consider some issues of principle which arose from those discussions. These matters will be considered by the Government in the next few days with the intention that the industry groups can quickly finalise their recommendations on the code of practice itself and what should be included in supporting legislation. I would expect that both the fair trading legislation itself and the code of practice can be introduced before the end of this autumn sitting.

Behavioural Management Unit - Relocation

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, yesterday Mr Moore asked me what was happening to the Behavioural Management Unit, formerly at South Curtin school, Theodore Street. I can answer Mr Moore's question. The Behavioural Management Unit will be relocated to the Holder Primary School building. Students have been attending their home schools for the past two weeks, but they are expected to commence at the Holder Primary School this week. I table that answer, Mr Speaker.

Assembly Vehicles

MR SPEAKER: Members, yesterday Mr Humphries asked me a question concerning the possible misuse of a vehicle allocated to the Assembly. I have investigated this occurrence, which highlights the desirability of having private number plates affixed to those Assembly vehicles allocated for use by members.

This action will prevent unwarranted public reaction to perceived misuse of Government vehicles, as opposed to Assembly vehicles which are being used by MLAs in conducting valid representative duties. This was the case as reported in the question posed by Mr Humphries.

With regard to authorisation for use of Assembly vehicles, I can advise that the rules governing their use have now been rewritten and will be issued to members as soon as possible.

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