Page 223 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 13 February 1991

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finished year 12 studies in the ACT and received a year 12 certificate. Of these, some 72 per cent received a tertiary entrance score. Of the students receiving a tertiary entrance score, 59 per cent were above the lowest cut-off for a faculty at the ANU; 75 per cent were above the lowest cut-off for the University of Canberra, and 99 per cent of those students - almost all of them - received a score above the lowest cut-off for a faculty in a university in New South Wales or the ACT.

We can say, in effect, that every one of the students receiving a tertiary entrance score from ACT schools was able to gain admission to a university somewhere in this country. That is a quite remarkable achievement for our educational system, and not the sign, I would have thought, of a system in crisis. It indicates, very clearly, that the ACT system is continuing with its very high retention rates into year 12 and that a very large proportion of those students are able, if they wish, to go on to university. That is a sign of a quite healthy education system.

Tourism Commission Shopfront

MS FOLLETT: My question is to Mr Kaine. Is it true that, as a result of underfunding, the ACT Tourism Commission may have to close its shopfront at the Jolimont Centre?

MR KAINE: I repeat that I am not responsible for tourism. For the third time, I would suggest that Ms Follett address the question to the responsible Minister.

Water Wastage

MR STEVENSON: My question is to Mr Duby as being responsible for water, waste and works. It concerns the watering of parks and gardens around Canberra. A letter to the editor of the Canberra Chronicle on 5 February indicated that the sprinklers in the nature strip in Benjamin Way, Belconnen, were being operated in such a way as to cause the wastage of large amounts of water. Apparently some sprinklers were being misdirected and also overflowing was occurring onto the road. I have actually seen similar situations with the sprinklers in Northbourne Avenue on a number of occasions during the last year. In view of the recent increases in excess water rates to residents of Canberra can we expect the Government to tighten its belt regarding this important issue of water conservation, and what action can be taken to prevent this wastage of water?

MR DUBY: I thank Mr Stevenson for the question. Indeed, the issue of water conservation is a very important one and one that cannot be underestimated. The number of complaints I receive from people who are complaining about

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