Page 216 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 13 February 1991

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There is nothing illegal about the construction of those houses. The proposals were assessed against the relevant NCDC policy. That is the current policy, which is in the design and siting policies issued in 1973 and gazetted as recently as January 1989. The proposals were assessed by an authorised officer of the ITPA and he concluded that there was no basis for refusing to grant approval under the Act.

I am advised that the decision taken by the ITPA is entirely in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the relevant policies, including the exercise of allowable discretion in relation to a minor encroachment on the quantitative standard for minimum rear boundary setbacks. On being advised of objections by neighbours to the proposal, the ITPA has given assistance in negotiations between the builder of the three houses and the neighbours. I think that is the most that the Government can do.

My Executive Deputy, Norm Jensen, has met with those people. The negotiations have resulted in the builder agreeing to consider reducing the height and varying the design of the house on block 2, which is not yet under construction, and to vary the external colourings of the other two houses for which the footings are already in place. In summary, the Government has no standing to refuse approval of the houses in question. It is a matter for resolution between the builder and the neighbours. The Government has done everything in its power to get the parties into negotiation to resolve the issue. I believe that we have done everything that can be done.

O'Connor Creative Playgroup

MR MOORE: My question is directed to Mr Humphries as Minister for Health. Mr Humphries, on 28 November 1990 I asked you a question about the closure of the O'Connor Baby Health Centre and the concerns of the members of the Creative Playgroup that operates within those premises. I would like to quote your reply from volume 16, page 4727 of Hansard:

I can assure Mr Moore that the group will not be asked to vacate the building until alternative accommodation has been found.

That is a quite categorical statement. Can you then explain how it is that the Creative Playgroup has, in fact, been ejected from the premises without alternative accommodation having been found for them, in spite of your words? Again, I quote:

It would be desirable for the Government to continue such services.

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