Page 213 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 13 February 1991

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I think that all of this carping about closing schools is interesting, particularly when part of the objective is to obtain this return of capital so that it can be used for such things as providing facilities for aged people and for the disabled and disadvantaged in our community. The people opposite seem to have totally lost sight of the fact that there are people in this city, other than school children, who need things and people other than those who make a fuss about closing the odd school.

The Watson High School buildings are currently being used to assist the TAFE campus rationalisation; and the Woden Valley High School buildings are intended to be used for the same purpose. Consideration is currently being given to the options available in relation to the use of the grounds of those two schools and we expect to make decisions in the very near future as to what the grounds of those schools should be used for.

The Government has really faced up to the matter that the previous Government never attempted to deal with, and that is to find useful purposes for those schools in this community.

Macquarie Primary School

MR WOOD: I direct a question to the Minister for Education. Could the Minister inform the Assembly what is the class size of year five at the newly consolidated Macquarie Primary School?

MR HUMPHRIES: No, I cannot inform the Assembly as to the class size in year five.

Mr Duby: Can you inform the house of the total enrolment in Lyons?

MR HUMPHRIES: Yes, I can actually.

Mr Wood: Well, that is interesting. It says something, doesn't it?

MR HUMPHRIES: It says nothing at all, Mr Speaker. To expect me to come to this place and know - - -

Mr Collaery: How many members are there in Ellnor Grassby's branch?


Mr Collaery: Do you know the number today?

MR SPEAKER: Order, members!

Mr Collaery: Do their names all end in vowels?

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