Page 211 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 13 February 1991

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Share Transactions Stamp Duty

MS FOLLETT: My question is to Mr Kaine as the Treasurer. I ask Mr Kaine: What would be the cost to the ACT budget of the decision of his Liberal colleague in New South Wales, Mr Greiner, to give, in effect, a gift to share speculators and stockbrokers by abolishing stamp duty on share transactions?

MR KAINE: I cannot imagine that any decision put into place by the Premier of New South Wales will have an effect on what happens in the Australian Capital Territory. I am not certain of the details; but, in any case, revenue matters - and I guess that you are directing your question to the matter of revenue - are properly the province of the Minister for Finance. Perhaps you might like to direct that question to him.

MS FOLLETT: I have a supplementary question. It relates to Budget Paper No. 4 presented by Mr Trevor Kaine, MLA, Chief Minister and Treasurer. It contains an item under Summary of Consolidated Fund Receipts - Transfers of Shares and Marketable Securities. The estimate of receipts for the year 1990-91 is $11,100,000.

Mr Collaery: What page?

MS FOLLETT: Page 16. I ask Mr Kaine again: Will there be a cost to that estimate as a result of Mr Greiner's announcement? Surely, if people can transact shares free of stamp duty in New South Wales they will hardly choose to pay $11,100,000 to do so in the ACT.

MR KAINE: I think that the Leader of the Opposition has answered her own question. Of course, there may well be a consequence for the ACT; but, how is it possible for anybody, on the basis of such a decision in New South Wales, to predict what the result is for the ACT? I repeat: Since revenue is a matter for the Minister for Finance, if Ms Follett really wants the answer to the question, then perhaps she should direct the question to the Minister whose responsibility it is.

Autistic Children's Unit

MR STEVENSON: My question is to Gary Humphries as Minister for Education and concerns the needs of the handicapped, particularly those young children attending the autistic children's unit at Hughes Primary School. I am informed that there is little or no air-conditioning or cooling, and that the unit is not insulated in either ceilings or walls. I am also informed that there appears to be a lack of funds to operate the unit. The questions are: Is there inadequate cooling? Would the situation also exist in

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