Page 17 - Week 01 - Tuesday, 12 February 1991

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Statement by Speaker

MR SPEAKER: We will get back to the program. Chief Minister, you jumped the gun. Before we go to that, I would like to make a statement. During the proceedings of the Assembly on 11 and 13 December last year, I undertook to check Hansard and report back to the Assembly. On both occasions points of order were taken concerning alleged imputations against the position of the Speaker. I have examined both instances - the references are to Hansard, page 4946 and page 5220 - and I must admit that with the lapse of time it is not easy to recall the exact details of what occurred. I have spoken to members involved in those points of order and they cannot bring the points back to mind either. Having considered the record, I do not consider the comments made to be of sufficient seriousness for me to take further action.

I remind members that the position of Speaker requires a high degree of impartiality if the Assembly is to operate properly. I cannot favour one party or group over another, or one member over another. I have endeavoured, and will endeavour, to ensure adequate opportunities for all members to participate in debate, and to ensure that proper standards are maintained and that the best interests of the Assembly are promoted.



MR COLLAERY (Attorney-General): Pursuant to section 6 of the Subordinate Laws Act 1989, I table subordinate legislation in accordance with the schedule of gazettal notices for ministerial determinations and regulations. I also table, Mr Speaker, for the information of members, gazettal notices for the commencement of provisions of Acts listed in the schedule. I present the following papers:

Ambulance Levy Act - Determination - No. 2 of 1991 (S3, dated 25 January 1991)

Crimes (Amendment) Act (No. 3) - Notice of commencement of sections 2 and 4 (S5, dated 6 February 1991)

Financial Institutions Duty Act - Financial Institutions Duty Regulations - No. 17 of 1990 (S91, dated 14 December 1990)

Gaming Machine Act - Gaming Machine Regulations (Amendment) - No. 19 of 1990 (S97, dated 21 December 1990)

Health Services Act - Notice of commencement (S4, 31 January 1991)

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