Page 121 - Week 01 - Tuesday, 12 February 1991

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Canberra International Raceway Management Representative

Mr Moore: asked the Minister for Housing and Community Services

(1) Was Mr Arthur Hoyle, principal or representative of Canberra International Raceway Management (CIRRI), and a proponent for development of an international standard motor racing track in the eastern ACT, working in or located in the Department of Sport, Recreation and Racing earlier this year.

(2) If there was such an arrangement (a) at whose initiative was it put into place;

(b) who approved it; (c) what was its objective and (d) what was the relationship of this period of activity to Mr Hoyles apparent employment as a Commonwealth public servant.

(3) I there was such an arrangement (a) was Mr Hoyle working solely or mainly on the proposal for the development referred to; (b) was he paid by the ACT Administration for any or all of that work; (c) was he provided with any services or assistance by the ACT Administration, such as access to files, advice from officials, access to lease information, communication services or travel; (it) if so, did the Administration seek to recover from CIRRI any or all o° the cost of providing these services or this assistance; and (e) what precautions were taken to ensure that Mr Hoyle did not have access to information that was confidential on commercial, personas or other grounds.

(4) Is the Minister satisfied about the propriety of whatever relationship existed between Mr Hoyle/CIRM and the Administration and the Government during, before and after this period.

(5) In view of the Governments keenness about even-handedness in the treatment of developers and those objecting to their activities (see the Alliance Governments environment policy), will the Minister arrange for similar assistance to the same value to be given to those objecting to the development.

Mr Collaery: the answer to the Members question is as follows:

(1) The ACT Motorsport Council had access to an office within the Office of Sport, Recreation & Racing (ORS) from 29 January to 28 February 1990. The Canberra International Raceway Management (CIRRI) had access to office space from 4 to 15 June 1990 to organise the Canberra International Racing Show.

(2) (a) The ACT Motorsport Council sought space to undertake a review of motorsport facilities within the ACT.

(b) The Director of the Office of Sport, Recreation aid Racing.

(c) See (1) and (2)(a).

(d) I am advised that Mr Hoyle was employed as a Commonwealth public servant during these periods.


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