Page 115 - Week 01 - Tuesday, 12 February 1991

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Belconnen Remand Centre

Mr Stevenson asked the Minister for Housing and Community Services:

(1) Have any allegations been made of theft of Government property at Belconnen Remand Centre (BCC); if so, what action has been taken by (a) the management and (b) the Minister in respect of each allegation.

(2) Has any incident been reported where it is alleged that a detainee at BBC was assaulted by three officers in the presence of a senior officer. If so, what action has been taken.

(3) Was Ms Carol Connelly suspended following her conviction of a charge of assault on a detainee and was that suspension later rescinded and a monetary agreement made on her resignation; if so for what reason.

(4) Has action been taken to investigate complaints by officers of sexual harassment by other officers. If so, have reports been-placed on file.

(5) Has a complaint been lodged alleging that an officer at BBC harassed a detainee by waking her up to sign a form. If so, (a) was this complaint proven and what action has been taken against the offending officer; and (b) did Departmental officers request a second report on the case, if so for what reason.

(6) Have any allegations been made that three officers at BBC attempted to injure a detainee and if so, was the allegation fully investigated.

(7) Did a senior official call a staff meeting around December 1988 on the subject of the conduct of a Mr Albrighton; if so (a) did 25 staff members lodge good reports as a result of this meeting and (b) what consideration has been given to the reports.

(8) Has there been any allegations of misconduct made against Mr Barry Albrighton; if so, what are the allegations.

(9) For each charge of misconduct that Mr Barry Albrighton was found guilty of, how many witnesses gave evidence.

(10) Is a custodial officer who has been charged with assault with grievous bodily harm continuing to work at BBC; if so, for what reason.

(11) Can the Minister confirm that a Senior Officer of BBC issued a direction dated 6 October 1989 that there was to be no unauthorised disclosure of information concerning officers relating to their morale, transfers, suspension, dismissal etc. Did the same officer put a notice on the notice board on 10 May 1990 proclaiming the.. outcome of the hearing of disciplinary charges against Mr Barry lbrighton.


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