Tuesday, 24 April 1990

Questions without notice:

School enrolments

Griffin Centre

Distinguished visitor

Questions without notice:

Influenza vaccine

Educational standards

School consolidations

Education Department

Preschool closures

Occupational health and safety

Playhouse Theatre

Downer primary school

Community development fund

Outreach House

Arts policy


Authority to administer oath or affirmation of allegiance to members

Anzac Day 1990 (Ministerial statement)

Inauguration of the University of Canberra (Ministerial statement)

Canberra's heritage (Matter of public importance)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Planning, Development and Infrastructure - standing committee

Alteration of day of next sitting

Resignation of members - authorisation of person to receive resignations


Ambulance Service Levy Bill 1990

Taxation (Administration) (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1990

Taxation (Administration) (Amendment) Bill 1990

Publications Control (Amendment) Bill 1990


Publications Control (Amendment) Bill 1990

Suspension of standing and temporary orders

Suspension of standing and temporary orders

Personal explanation


Answers to questions:

Ministerial consultants (Question No 78)

Executive Deputies' accommodation (Question No 82)


Thursday, 26 April 1990

Self Government - select committee

Cultural Activities and Facilities - select committee

Conservation, Heritage and Environment - standing committee

Postponement of notice

Housing Assistance (Amendment) Bill 1990

Pawnbrokers (Amendment) Bill 1990

Second-hand Dealers and Collectors (Amendment) Bill 1990

Truck (Amendment) Bill 1990

Long Service Leave (Building and Construction Industry) (Amendment) Bill 1990

Questions without notice:

Ainslie transfer station

Suspension of standing orders

Questions without notice:

Ainslie transfer station

Tuggeranong - Centrepoint Building

Lake Tuggeranong - pollution

Ainslie transfer station

Gowrie Hostel

Ainslie transfer station

Children's services

Water pollution

China support group

Lake Burley Griffin - pollution

Ainslie transfer station

New Citizen publication

Resignation of Mr Whalan

Heritage Week (Ministerial statement)

ACT greenhouse strategy (Ministerial statement)


Domestic violence (Matter of public importance)

Audit (Amendment) Bill 1990


Canberra stereo public radio

Domestic violence

Amnesty International


Answers to questions:

Mowers - noise emissions (Question No 111)