Page 3601 - Week 11 - Tuesday, 22 November 2022

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MADAM SPEAKER: Resume your seat.

Mr Parton: I have a point of order on relevance. It was a very simple question.

MADAM SPEAKER: The minister was on his feet for 20 seconds.

MR STEEL: I refer the member to my answer to the previous question, where I did answer that. I have been very clear in the answers to the previous questions of the opposition leader, as well, in relation to the timeline for the 2A project. There is going to be disruption over this period; there is no doubt about it. We have been upfront about that, and we have been putting in place a range of different measures to support people moving around efficiently.

Mr Hanson: Madam Speaker, the answer that the minister gave previously was about 2A, which is going to go for four years, but the question from Mr Cocks is about the entire project, which includes 2A and 2B, and how long that disruption is going to go on for, and how long that is going to delay people.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Hanson should resume his seat.

MR STEEL: I thank the member. The reality is that with 2B we have a bit of design work and planning work to work through for that project, which will determine the exact scope and how that particular project will be implemented. But what we know is that 2B is a very different route to 2A. Stage 2A runs on London Circuit on the streets. It is the first time that light rail has run on the street. It previously ran on the median strip on Northbourne Avenue. It does cross over into the verge when it gets onto Flemington Road in stage 1. Stage 2B will also benefit from having a large median strip on Adelaide Avenue, which is built for light rail. It is a very wide median strip that will enable us to undertake a lot of that construction work, much like stage 1, where it did not significantly affect road commuters. It was really just was confined to that median—(Time expired.)

MR HANSON: Minister, when will the 675 carparking spaces that are currently impacted by stage 2A be returned for public use?

MR STEEL: I thank the member for his question. They will, of course, be in use over the next two years, at least, with the raising of London Circuit project, but those construction compounds may then transition to use by Canberra Metro, which is something that we will work with them on as part of the delivery of the stage 2A project. We have been out there talking about the loss of those carparks and the need for Canberrans to think about changing their habits about where they park in the city. We have done the analysis and we know that there are over 14,000 public carparks that are available for people who want to park in the CBD. So it is a matter of looking at where other carparks are available. We have provided all of those parking maps up on the CBR website for people to view, to make their decisions about changing their routines about how they move around the city, including how they park.

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