Page 2686 - Week 08 - Wednesday, 21 September 2022

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Over here on the non-virtuous side, we wondered: if we rolled out all of these 8.4 million copies, would we get to Perth? If we went west, would we get to Perth? The answer is yes, we would get to Perth, and back. You cannot justify the spend. You cannot justify the environmental impact of this. And how truly bizarre is it that it is us evil Liberals who are calling out Labor and the Greens on this? We will see how sticky the CLaG is when we come to vote on this motion.

I had a look at some of the amazing information, particularly in the Tuggeranong version of this newsletter. There is some pretty special information in here! One of the things that it says here, in the month of September, for Tuggeranong is that light rail is coming. That is what it says. There is an article. It does not give any dates, times or anything like that; it just says that light rail is coming. The ice age is coming as well; eventually, we will get into another ice age, so it is coming as well. I would say: maybe leave that article in the newsletter for the next 150-odd months, because it will still be current. But that is a whole other story.

Basically, the entire front page of the Tuggeranong version of the newsletter says, “Celebrate spring with Floriade.” There is a picture of a family, and that is it for that story. There is nothing else.

There is another version from August where there is a picture of a couple of kids with a dog, looking very pretty and sitting on some grass. The big front-page story here, which covers half of the page, is, “Delivering for Canberra’s future.” That is it. For that message, among others—

Mr Hanson: It sounds like a campaign slogan.

MR PARTON: It does sound terribly like a campaign slogan. Additionally, on the front page we have a picture of the ever-smiling Chief Minister, with a message about being committed to saving the planet. Mr Assistant Speaker, you could not make this stuff up. This is probably version No 4.12 million, and sustainable households—

Mr Pettersson: A point of order.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Mr Cain): A point of order. Mr Parton, sit down.

Mr Pettersson: Mr Parton is using props.

Mr Hanson: He is reading from a document.

Ms Lawder: He is reading from it.

Mr Pettersson: No, he was not. He was waving it around.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: He is reading from a document. That is okay.

Mr Hanson: On the point of order, Mr Parton is quoting from a document. If the rule we are going to adhere to is, “I’m holding a piece of paper and I’m not allowed to move it around,” if that is now the rule, everything is a prop in this place. If Mr Parton

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