Page 2487 - Week 07 - Monday, 15 August 2022

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I am very concerned about what this says about the Canberra Liberals’ capacity to work with others and their capacity to collaborate with other minor parties, micro parties or independents should they be elected at the 2024 poll. I hope Ms Lee will take the opportunity in her closing remarks to answer this. Is Ms Lee pitching this to the electorate at that election, “It’s all or nothing, Canberra. Give me 13 seats or bust, because I can’t work across the chamber, I can’t collaborate with other parties, and I can’t compromise and form consensus!”

That is what this motion suggests to me, because the undercurrent of this motion is that you are so aggrieved about the fact that the government is made up of two parties—

Ms Lawder: Madam Speaker, I wish to raise a point of order. I ask that Mr Davis direct his comments to the chair, not to Ms Lee.


MR DAVIS: Through you, Madam Speaker. I understand that at the closing of this debate, Ms Lee has an opportunity to summarise the debate. I hope, Madam Speaker, in that closing of the debate Ms Lee can—

Opposition members interjecting—


MR DAVIS: I hope Ms Lee can give us some indication about what future government she would intend to lead. It is to the credit of ACT Labor and the Greens, of which I am proudly a member, that we understand collaboration, consensus and respectful disagreement. The Canberra electorate knows that. That is why the Canberra electorate overwhelmingly elected a Labor-Greens government at the last election.

The Canberra electorate have seen a two-party government in action over a long period of time. They understand that we will not always agree, but they understand that all 16 members of this government are committed to the guiding principle of offering stable, progressive government. It does not mean we are a monolith. It does not mean that we always have to agree with each other. I am really confounded and, frankly, a little bit scared that the Canberra Liberals cannot understand this.

In closing: I have confidence in the Chief Minister; I have confidence in the government; I oppose publicly subsiding the horse racing industry; and I see no contradiction in those three things. I speak through you, Madam Speaker. The Canberra Liberals, through this motion, have clearly set the stage for the 2024 election: it is 13 seats or bust for Ms Lee. The Chief Minister, to his credit, has the capacity to lead a two-party government. I am pleased to contribute and engage in that government. Ms Lee has shown that that is beyond her with this motion today.

Members interjecting—

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