Page 2432 - Week 07 - Thursday, 4 August 2022

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quite a while ago—a government-mandated collection of information to give the consumer confidence about the quality and correctness of that information, rather than private websites. We could have had that ages ago.

And now we are hearing, “I have written to the New South Wales government.” Why have we not got something in place from quite a while ago? Since 2019—with the same Chief Minister, by the way—we have had basically a lack of initiative and an inability to contemplate innovation for the sake of Canberrans, to deal with their cost-of-living pressure. Why have they been waiting so long? It is so disappointing and, frankly, Mr Deputy Speaker, so typical.

Government members interjecting—

I will not be supporting the amendments to my motion proposed by the Chief Minister. I commend my motion to the Assembly. Again, my motion simply says—not that far from what the Chief Minister seems to be suggesting—introduce a FuelCheck app in the ACT. Whether that is an ACT designed application or by licensing the New South Wales one is something to be worked out. But let us get this done. Let us get this done. The government has been sitting on its hands for too long and it is typical of this—

Government members interjecting—

Mr Hanson: Mr Deputy Speaker, I ask that there be some consistency applied when it comes to interjections. Certainly, when members of this side interject, we are pulled up. We are pulled up. That is the way this place works. It seems to be that on that side of the chamber interjections carry on with impunity. So I just ask that there be some kind of balance.

Mr Rattenbury: Can I just seek clarification, Mr Deputy Speaker: is Mr Hanson accusing you of bias?

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: I am not sure, Mr Rattenbury. But you can be seated and members on this side can please allow Mr Cain to conclude without too much more noise. Mr Cain.

MR CAIN: I was coming to a close. I do note that when the Chief Minister and the Attorney-General and Minister for Business and Better Regulation were speaking, I did not interrupt them once. I did not interrupt them once.

Ms Cheyne: Unusual.

MR CAIN: Here we have Minister Cheyne interrupting me on making a very obvious observation. It is very disappointing. Even though I think the spirit of what the motion is about is being supported by the government, what I am concerned about is their lack of initiative and action. That is typical of this lazy Labor-Greens government. I commend my motion and I reject the amendment by the Chief Minister.

Question put:

That the amendment be agreed to.

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