Page 2272 - Week 07 - Wednesday, 3 August 2022

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November 2021 and we have now started on the early due diligence for that block. We have done a concept design for what the eating disorders residential centre might look like on that block. The detailed design will be the next step, as we continue to go through the due diligence process.

The consultations for this have been really good. They have involved people with lived experience, to better understand how this might fit into other services that we have for eating disorders in the ACT. I recently went up to Queensland to visit the only other centre like this in Australia that already exists, so that we could better understand what their experience has been in establishing their eating disorders residential centre. I was really impressed by the non-clinical feel that their centre has and the amount of peer support and the group programs that they are running, which are really very helpful. We had the opportunity to listen to people with lived experience who were going through treatment, and they really emphasised how important all of that is.

The outdoor spaces around their building are also very important, as part of the model of care and the programs that they are running there. The site that we are looking at in Coombs, being a site that is facing onto the river and bushland, really looks like it will be very helpful for people in their treatment. The integration with other eating disorder services that is happening on the Queensland site is also really important and something that I would like to see us do well in Canberra.

MR BRADDOCK: Minister, what is next in the delivery of the eating disorders residential centre site?

MS DAVIDSON: The next steps for this: we have done the concept design and we will be working on the detailed design, again consulting with people with lived experience, as well as clinical experts, making sure that it really does have that non-clinical feel that we want this residential centre to have.

It is also really important that we look at how this integrates with the other eating disorder services we have in the ACT. We have an early intervention service for eating disorders that will be going to tender soon, thanks to some increased funding that we received in the bilateral agreement with the commonwealth in March of this year.

A clinical hub was launched on 25 January this year that really helps us with intake triage and referring people to the right services for where they are on their mental health journey. We have a number of services in the ACT. It depends on whether you are at an early intervention stage, whether you need an inpatient stay or whether you need some additional support through things like parenting groups. There is also the outpatient eating disorder program that continues to be available to people in the ACT. We want to make sure that all those elements fit together well so that there is a service for everyone, no matter where they are at on their journey.

MR COCKS: Minister, can you please confirm the date of completion for the eating disorder residential facility and whether it has been delayed once again?

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