Page 1482 - Week 05 - Wednesday, 1 June 2022

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Mr Hanson: They laundered it.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, you are warned. You need to withdraw that.

MR BARR: Yes. That is an outrageous slur. You must withdraw that. You are accusing us of laundering money. You must withdraw that. That is outrageous.

MADAM SPEAKER: Yes. Mr Barr, I will take that as a point of order. Mr Hanson, you will withdraw, and if I hear one more interjection from you, you will be named. Let’s be very clear about that.

Mr Hanson: I withdraw.

MR BARR: That is about as grubby as it gets, Madam Speaker, and I am glad he has withdrawn. So he should. Disgraceful! Disgraceful behaviour. Using parliamentary privilege to suggest something like that is disgraceful and it is not worthy of this place.

Ms Lee: These double standards are just astounding.

MR BARR: And neither are your interjections, Ms Lee. Do better. Politics should be better than this.

Ms Lee: Hey! Don’t lecture me, mate!

MR BARR: This sort of grubbiness. Politics should be better than this.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Barr, sit down, please. Ms Lee, you are now warned. The behaviour so far today, the interjections, has been well past the point of acceptability.

Ms Lee: I am not going to sit here and take lecturing from the minister.

MADAM SPEAKER: You are now warned. One more, Ms Lee, and both of you will be named and gone. My tolerance is exhausted.

Trees—urban canopy

MS CLAY: My question is to the minister for planning. The Greens have been campaigning for years to get 30 per cent tree canopy coverage, and variation 369 is a really important piece of reform that will help. Minister, you tabled draft variation 369 in the last sittings with some amendments. I have heard some concerns about where it will apply and what is exempted. Can you please tell me which blocks and areas will be covered by variation 369?

MR GENTLEMAN: I thank Ms Clay for the question. Yes, the government is committed to cooling our city, and the provisions in Territory Plan variation 369 go a long way to providing shade and cooling through tree canopy requirements. So 369 will require single residential and multi-unit developments to have more planting

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