Page 834 - Week 03 - Wednesday, 6 April 2022

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be provided. Saying something along the lines of “I will look into it,” is in no way an explanation. This government, shamefully, has a history of trying to hide information. An answer to a question on notice has been withheld, despite being raised last sitting. It was not just today or yesterday; the question was raised last sitting period, and still there has been no action from the minister on this matter. I commend Mrs Kikkert for trying to follow it up because, clearly, the minister has a vested interest in not releasing this information. She should be ashamed of herself. Members on the whole government side should be ashamed of themselves.

MS CASTLEY (Yerrabi) (2.47): I support Mrs Kikkert’s motion today. We read in the paper about the shameful condition that our nurses have to work in at Dhulwa. The minister should have the answer to these questions that Mrs Kikkert has raised. We found those answers through the union today. We know that the minister had these answers because the union contacted the minister about this information last week, when she had her conversations with the union. She has still been unable to answer Mrs Kikkert’s questions. It is disappointing and a disgrace. Our nurses deserve better from this government.

MR RATTENBURY (Kurrajong) (2.48): Can I just seek clarification on what the motion actually is? What is the wording of the motion?

MR ACTING SPEAKER: We are operating here under standing order 118A(c), where any—

MR RATTENBURY: I have read the standing order. Motions require specific wording. I am seeking to understand the wording. What is the actual wording of the motion we are being asked to agree to?

MR ACTING SPEAKER: My understanding is—and I think Mrs Kikkert was quite clear in her simple motion—that it is seeking an explanation from the minister as to the lateness of the response to that question. That is my understanding. Is your query about the fact that this is not a written motion?

MR RATTENBURY: No. If the wording in the motion is to seek an explanation, are we to agree to it? I do not understand, grammatically, how it is going to work.

MR ACTING SPEAKER: The advice that I have received from the Clerk is that although this motion does not call upon the government to do anything, if it is passed it will be noted.

MS DAVIDSON (Murrumbidgee—Assistant Minister for Families and Community Services, Minister for Disability, Minister for Justice Health, Minister for Mental Health and Minister for Veterans and Seniors) (2.49): If I understand it correctly, I am being asked to provide an answer to a question that was overdue and brought to my notice in the last sitting period. As I said when I came downstairs that afternoon, my understanding is that the response to that question had been signed off and should have been with the member within the 24 hours after that happened. If that has not arrived, I will find out and provide an answer for her.

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