Page 434 - Week 02 - Tuesday, 22 March 2022

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The ACT government is also unlocking land supply through zoning changes that support greater density. This assists with supply and housing affordability. Contrary to the rhetoric from the opposition, urban densification is key to affordability. We have chosen this in a strategic way, and in strategic locations such as transport corridors and town centres. This reduces costs to ratepayers by more effectively using existing infrastructure. It reduces costs to families by ensuring that they have lower transport costs. It provides the opportunity for people to get a foot in the door of the property market or, alternatively, to downsize in locations that are close to shops, services and transport. It aids in liveability by reducing travel time and creating more time for family and other activities.

I am glad that the opposition has finally come clean on their opposition to a 70 per cent infill target. This motion is the opposition leader’s personal commitment to endless urban sprawl and environmental destruction. Today she has committed to fundamentally changing the nature of the capital. Under the Liberals, it is clear that Canberra will no longer be the bush capital; rather, it will be the urban sprawl capital. I am sure that my—

Ms Lee interjecting—

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Mr Davis): Members on my left! Minister Gentleman, take your seat. Ms Lee, I have reminded you in particular that, as the sponsor of the motion, you have a right of reply at the end of the debate.

Ms Lee: If that is the case, Mr Assistant Speaker, can I invoke the point of order that Ms Berry did, and say that Mr Gentleman is making very smart comments about me—

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Ms Lee, there is no point of order.

Ms Lee: that have some reflection on me. That is what I am getting at.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Please take your seat, Ms Lee. Ms Lee, there is no point of order. Minister Gentleman was reflecting on counter-policies, not individuals, so you know—

Ms Lee: He literally said that it was my personal—

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: that is not a point of order. You know that is not a point of order, Ms Lee.

Ms Lee: He said those words, my personal—


Ms Lee: “The leader’s personal”. That is what he said.

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