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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Minister for Corrections (Motion of no confidence)

Leave of absence


Planning—Gungahlin town centre—petition 16-21

Sport—Nicholls Oval—petition 22-21

Planning—Red Hill—petition 24-21

Planning—Griffith—petition 28-21

Ministerial responses

Planning—Chisholm—petitions 10-21 and 11-21 (Ministerial response)

Yerrabi electorate—Yerrabi Pond—petitions 5-21 and 14-21 (Ministerial response)

Motion to take note of petitions

Paper (Out-of-order petition)

Sport—Nicholls Oval—petition 22-21

Planning—Gungahlin town centre—petition 16-21

COVID-19 pandemic response—update (Ministerial statement)

Crime—forensic sexual assault services (Ministerial statement)

Molonglo Valley Community Council (Ministerial statement)

Public housing—renewal program (Ministerial statement)

Homelessness—government support (Ministerial statement)

Questions without notice:

ACT Corrective Services—detainee transfers

ACT Corrective Services—detainee transfers

Youth—mental health programs and resources

ACT Corrective Services—release process

Light rail—stage 2

ACT Corrective Services—release process

Alexander Maconochie Centre—incidents

ACT Corrective Services—staff health and safety

Health—COVID-19 vaccination rollout

Roads—William Hovell Drive

Alexander Maconochie Centre—detainee searches

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—incarceration rates

Multicultural affairs—community language schools

Territory rights—voluntary assisted dying


National inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces—government response

Planning—Kenny environmental offsets site

Youth—vaping products


Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Planning, Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Planning, Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

Senior Practitioner Amendment Bill 2021


Olympic Games 2021—Australian equestrian team

Roads—speed cameras

Clubs—Majura Football Club

Woden—indoor sports facilities

Environment—Bluetts Block

Health—Brumby Fitness

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Petition: Planning—Red Hill—petition 29-21

Motion to take note of petition

Education—system review (Ministerial statement)

ACT Emergency Services Agency—cross-border arrangements (Ministerial statement)

Planning—Woden town centre (Ministerial statement)

Arts—Mandy Martin (Ministerial statement)

COAG Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

COVID-19 Emergency Response Legislation (Check-in Information) Amendment Bill 2021

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

Planning—ACT Infrastructure Plan

Questions without notice:

Business—ChooseCBR scheme

Business—ChooseCBR scheme

Business—ChooseCBR scheme

Consumer affairs—right to repair


Roads—speed limits

Business—ChooseCBR scheme

Environment—Lawson grasslands

Discrimination—sexual harassment

Roads—speed limits


COVID-19—multilingual communication


Parks and conservation—World Ranger Day



Multicultural affairs—civic participation and language schools


Palliative Care ACT—Leo’s Place

Mr Derek Wrigley OAM—tribute

Father Brian Maher OAM—tribute

Municipal services—Charnwood shops

Thursday, 5 August 2021


Environment—Healthy Waterways project (Ministerial statement)

Building—combustible cladding (Ministerial statement)

Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2021


Planning, Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Economy and Gender and Economic Equality—Standing Committee

Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2021


Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2021

Justice—age of criminal responsibility (Ministerial statement)

Economy—renewables industry (Ministerial statement)

Questions without notice:

Light rail—traffic planning

Light rail—traffic planning

Light rail—traffic planning

Canberra Hospital—expansion

Government—Chief Minister

Kippax group centre—flood study

Environment—wood heaters

Light rail—traffic planning

Education—early childhood


Light rail—impact on business

Light rail—traffic planning

Alexander Maconochie Centre—COVID-19 vaccinations

Molonglo Valley—community facilities

Light rail—traffic planning


Auditor-General’s report No 4/2021—government response

Development—block 1 section 58, Garran

Bail Amendment Bill 2021

Disability services—National Disability Insurance Scheme

Alexander Maconochie Centre—staff health and safety

Light rail—traffic planning


Yerrabi electorate—community engagement


Environment—Holt micro-forest

Canberra—community events

ACT Australian Islamic Medical Association

Canberra—community events

Answers to questions:

Suburban Land Agency—sales (Question No 279)

Employment—labour hire companies (Question No 282)

Schools—cleaning (Question No 283)

Energy—gas consumption (Question No 285)

Education—ACT Recovery College (Question No 286)

Crime—catalytic converter thefts (Question No 287)

Housing ACT—housing managers (Question No 291)

Housing ACT—properties and tenant occupancy (Question No 292)

ACT Public Service—remuneration (Question No 293)

Higgins shops—bollards (Question No 296—amended answer)

Housing—Justice Housing Program (Question No 297)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—female detainees (Question No 298)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—sentence management officers (Question No 299)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—detainee employment and education programs (Question No 300)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—bakery (Question No 301)

ACT Corrective Services—commissioner (Question No 302)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—disciplinary action (Question No 303)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—detainee education and training programs (Question No 304)

ACT Corrective Services—review (Question No 305)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—parole process (Question No 306)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—hunger strikes (Question No 307)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—housing assistance (Question No 308)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—capacity (Question No 309)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—fires (Question No 310)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—staff training review (Question No 311)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—admission costs (Question No 312)

ACT Corrective Services—parole process (Question No 313)

ACT Corrective Services—staff training (Question No 314)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—property damage and repairs (Question No 315)

Alexander and Maconochie Centre—accommodation (Question No 316)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—female detainee programs (Question No 317)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—visitors (Question No 318)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—alcohol use (Question No 319)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—sentence management officers (Question No 320)

Children and young people—mental health services (Question No 321)

Domestic and family violence—government employee training (Question No 322)

Domestic and family violence—government employee training (Question No 323)

Domestic and family violence—government employee training (Question No 324)

Domestic and family violence—Family Safety Hub (Question No 325)

Domestic and family violence—government employee training (Question No 326)

Domestic and family violence—government employee training providers (Question No 327)

Roads—traffic management (Question No 328)

Roads—roadworks noise (Question No 329)

Waste—green waste services (Question No 330)

Municipal services—community gardens (Question No 331)

Animals—ACT Cat Plan 2021-2031 (Question No 332)

Environment—Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (Question No 333)

Budget—gender equity (Question No 334)

Health—midwifery services (Question No 335)

Youth—education alternatives for at-risk youth (Question No 336)

Children and young people—care and protection (Question No 337)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—incarceration rates (Question No 338)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—single-use plastics (Question No 339)

Municipal services—Charnwood shops (Question No 340)

ACT Corrective Services—staffing recruitment (Question No 341)

Domestic and family violence—services (Question No 342)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—gaming consoles and games (Question No 343)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—treaty process (Question No 344)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—‘We don’t shoot our wounded…’ report (Question No 345)

Children and young people—care and protection reforms (Question No 346)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—native title meeting (Question No 347)

Arts—Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts programs (Question No 348)

Light rail—safety poster artwork (Question No 349)

Children and young people—ACT Policing (Question No 350)

Crime—drug driving (Question No 351)

Homelessness—data (Question No 355)

Crime—illegal dumping (Question No 356)

Planning—Gungahlin town centre (Question No 357)

Crime—graffiti (Question No 358)

Planning—Giralang shops (Question No 359)

Compulsory third party insurance—claims (Question No 360)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—security (Question No 361)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Health—occupational therapy

ACT Corrective Services—parole process

Health—COVID-19 vaccination rollout

Government—land sales

Education—Margaret Hendry School

Housing ACT—maintenance

Housing ACT—complaints


Housing ACT—maintenance

Housing ACT—maintenance


Sport—swimming pools

Florey shops—delivery vehicles

Municipal services—Canberra Cemeteries

Municipal services—Canberra Cemeteries