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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2021 Week 07 Hansard (Tuesday, 22 June 2021) . . Page.. 1858 ..

Mr Hanson: The health minister just answered a Dorothy Dixer that was the subject of a ministerial statement she made this morning. I have many examples—and I am happy to bring them into the chamber—of where ministers have read verbatim in answer to—

MADAM SPEAKER: Your point of order?

Mr Hanson: To be directly relevant, and that to try to bat a question away by simply saying “I made ministerial statement this morning” is not appropriate. She needs to answer the question, not refer to a previous statement which members may or may not have been present for.

MADAM SPEAKER: Given that you were on your feet within 20 seconds, Mr Hanson, I am sure the minister would have got to the point. She is just making reference to information currently available.

Mr Barr: Ten seconds.

MADAM SPEAKER: Ten seconds.

Mrs Jones: It was not about whether she was going to get to the point.

MS CHEYNE: I made the ministerial statement. It is a comprehensive ministerial statement to answer questions that people have.

Mrs Jones: Point of order.

MADAM SPEAKER: Minister, please resume your seat.

Mrs Jones: The question was about how much money has been spent on the program. We have not yet heard a single thing about how much money was spent on the program.

MADAM SPEAKER: No, because most of the time has been consumed with points of order. Minister.

MS CHEYNE: I could simply refer the opposition to the ministerial statement.

Mrs Jones: It was not in the statement.

MS CHEYNE: It is in the statement—$203,000 was allocated to the scheme, including for the trial and the full rollout. I have said already, in answers to other colleagues, that the full costs are being compiled.

MRS JONES: Was the stress and cost of being in the scheme worth it for the 178 businesses that would have made an average of about $150 out of the scheme? And how much money will the review cost?

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