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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 10 Hansard (Wednesday, 19 September 2018) . . Page.. 3793 ..

It is now abundantly clear that more needs to be done to prevent these insidious gangs from ruining the safe, peaceful neighbourhoods of this city …

The government must, at the very least, revisit the idea of anti-consorting laws and confront the reality that the ACT has become an island for these gangs.

The editorial further states that the representatives of the city are content to allow Canberra to act as an island among other states, which have stood up to these gangs and, in a valiant act to protect their constituents, imposed laws to stop them. Attorney-General, will the government, at the very least, revisit anti-consorting laws?

MR RAMSAY: I thank Mr Hanson for the question, noting, of course, that it is not necessarily the case that this government agrees with the editorial of the Canberra Times, nor do we necessarily choose to adopt our policies by picking up the editorial of the Canberra Times.

One of the things that is important for people in Canberra to know is that Canberra is and remains a safe city. One of the key things for us to know, as we look across all jurisdictions, is that criminal gangs remain an issue in all jurisdictions whether or not there are anti-consorting—

Mr Hanson: Madam Speaker, a point of order on relevance.

MADAM SPEAKER: Stop the clock, please.

Mr Hanson: I am sure that the Attorney-General will get to it, but the question is a very simple one. It is about whether the government will revisit anti-consorting laws or not. A yes or no will suffice.

MADAM SPEAKER: I am not going to direct a yes or no answer. The minister does have time to conclude his answer.

MR RAMSAY: I do understand that the Canberra Liberals, when they see the words “anti-consorting laws”, understand simplicity. They would like to see things in terms of yes or no when it comes to anti-consorting laws. The reality is that, despite the interjections that came in earlier sitting periods, in August, when the Canberra Liberals said that anti-consorting laws were a simple solution, that is not the case. The government will remain focused on making sure that what we do is build a strong and safe city.

Mr Hanson: Madam Speaker, as the Attorney-General has pointed out, I am a simple fellow, so, as a point of clarity on relevance, could he provide a clear answer? Does this mean yes or does this mean no?

MADAM SPEAKER: As I have indicated, I cannot and will not direct the minister to answer yes or no. He has time.

Mr Hanson: He needs to be relevant.

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