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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 09 Hansard (Wednesday, 22 August 2018) . . Page.. 3435 ..

Clubs—community contributions

MS LAWDER: My question is to Minister Steel—no, just joking. Actually, it is to the Minister for Regulatory Services. I refer to the latest changes to the community contributions scheme that were announced today. You have flagged an additional charge of one or two or yet-to-be-determined per cent of net gaming revenue for clubs, with the funds raised going towards the Chief Minister's charitable fund. Minister, what consultation occurred with licensed clubs, and which clubs, before you announced this latest change?

MR RAMSAY: I thank Ms Lawder for the question. I note that there are a number of assumptions already in that. I restate that the amount that will be increased on top of the eight per cent has not yet been determined, and the proportion of that which would go to the Chief Minister’s charitable fund has not been determined. But given that the opposition does not seem to worry at this stage about accuracy or simply stirring up a lot of fear around the place—which it seems to be doing again today—this has been open for considerable consultation with each of the clubs. Clubs have been invited over the past month to make their views known. They have done that.

Ms Lawder: A point of order, Madam Speaker, as to relevance. The question specifically asked about the announcement that came out this morning and what consultation occurred before the minister announced this latest change.

MADAM SPEAKER: I heard the minister referring to a consultative process. He has a minute to expand on that, perhaps, for the benefit of members.

MR RAMSAY: Thank you, Madam Speaker. I draw to the attention of Ms Lawder that an options paper was distributed as part of the JACS conversation with the community, with clubs and the broader community. What has been announced today sits within one of those four options given in one of the sections of that paper. There was broad consultation. Any club that wanted to was able to contribute to that conversation and quite a number did. So, too, did other groups beyond the clubs.

We have had significant conversation over the past month. But putting it in context, it is not as if what we have been talking about in terms of a review of the community contributions is new; it is in the parliamentary agreement. Since day one of this term of government we have said we will be doing that. I have talked in this place a number of times about the consultation we would be doing; I have talked about it broadly in the community a number of times. (Time expired.)

MS LAWDER: What consultation did you undertake with licensed clubs before you identified option one, as you have this morning, as your preferred option?

MR RAMSAY: The consultation that took place with the community groups and with the clubs as part of that JACS consultation.

MR PARTON: Minister, to what extent are the proposed changes to the community contributions scheme prompted by efforts to get revenge on clubs for their campaign in the lead-up to the 2016 election?

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