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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Mr Justice John Gallop AM, QC, RFD (Motion of condolence)

Independent Integrity Commission—Select Committee

Leave of absence

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Economic Development and Tourism—Standing Committee

Ministerial delegation to the United States (Ministerial statement)

Portfolio achievements over the past year (Ministerial statement)

Achievements over the past year (Ministerial statement)

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—accommodation for female detainees (Ministerial statement)

Achievements over the past year (Ministerial statement)

Lakes Amendment Bill 2017

Crimes (Police Powers and Firearms Offence) Amendment Bill 2017

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2017

Questions without notice:

          Land—rural block 1600 Belconnen

          Crime—international students



Questions without notice:

          Economy—space industry policy

          Animals—dangerous dogs

          Public housing—animal control

          Public Advocate—abuse complaints

          Public housing—renewal program

          Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—aluminium cladding

          Crime—crime rate statistics

          Director of Public Prosecutions—resourcing

          Municipal services—micro parks

          Greyhound racing—government policy

          ACT Emergency Services Agency—open day

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

          Land Development Agency—Williamsdale Solar Farm

          Land—rural block 1600 Belconnen

          Mental health—Raphael review


Official Visitor (Homelessness Services)—annual report 2016 17

          ACT and Region Catchment Management Coordination Group—annual report 2016-17

Planning and Development Act 2007—variation No 348 to the Territory Plan

Official Visitor (Children and Young People)—annual report 2016-17

Official Visitor (Disability Services)—annual report 2016-17

          Community participation in government service delivery (Matter of public importance)

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2017

Tree Protection Amendment Bill 2017

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2)

Nature Conservation (Minor Public Works) Amendment Bill 2017


          Kurrajong electorate—achievements


          Back to your roots writing competition

          Greyhound racing industry

          Multicultural affairs—events

          Ginninderra electorate—school fetes

          Battle of Beersheba 100th anniversary

Schedule of amendments:

          Schedule 1: Tree Protection Amendment Bill 2017

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Domestic Animals (Dangerous Dogs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2017


Crimes (Criminal Organisation Control) Bill 2017

Government Procurement (Financial Integrity) Amendment Bill 2017

Voluntary assisted dying

ACT Policing—funding

Questions without notice:

          Planning—lease variations

          Transport—bike-sharing scheme

          ACT public service—executive severance benefits

          ACT Health—aluminium cladding

          Children and young people—reportable conduct scheme

          Schools—aluminium cladding

          Trade unions—anti-Chinese campaign

          Transport—anti-smoking measures

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—educational targets

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—out of home care review

          Government—night-life safety measures

          Greyhound racing—inspections

          Government—firearms amnesty

          Environment—little eagle conservation

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—out of home care review

ACT Policing—funding

Clubs sector

Housing affordability

Access Canberra—shopfront service


          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Uluru statement

          Clontarf Foundation

          ANU internship program

          Ginninderra District Girl Guides

Schedule of amendments:

          Schedule 1: Government Procurement (Financial Integrity) Amendment Bill 2017

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Chief Minister (Motion of no confidence)

Chief Minister (Motion of no confidence)

Petitions—ministerial responses:

          ACTION bus service—petition 15-17

          Billboard advertising—petitions 14-17 and 17-17


Reportable Conduct and Information Sharing Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

Racing (Greyhounds) Amendment Bill 2017

Domestic Animals (Racing Greyhounds) Amendment Bill 2017

Legislative Assembly Legislation Amendment Bill 2017


Executive members’ business—precedence

Recreational cycling tourism

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs—Standing Committee

Financial integrity and compliance

Casino (Electronic Gaming) Bill 2017


City Renewal Authority—land acquisitions quarterly report

Financial Management Act—consolidated annual financial statements



          Sport—women’s participation

          Protest rallies

          Greyhound racing industry

Schedules of amendments:

          Schedule 1: Legislative Assembly Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

          Schedule 2: Casino (Electronic Gaming) Bill 2017

          Schedule 3: Casino (Electronic Gaming) Bill 2017

Answers to questions:

          Transport—light rail stage 2 (Question No 496)

          Mental health—suicide (Question No 604)

          Hospitals—emergency departments (Question No 611)

          Hospitals—overcrowding (Question No 612)

          Building—aluminium cladding (Question No 614)

          Mental health—Brian Hennessy House (Question No 618)

          Mental health—Brian Hennessy House (Question No 619)

          Planning—lease variation (Question No 626)

          Roads—projects (Question No 629)

          ACTION bus service—rainbow buses (Question No 631)

          ACTION bus service—timetable (Question No 633)

          ACTION bus service—off-peak services (Question No 635)

          Government—contracts (Question No 639)

          Public housing—security modifications (Question No 647)

          Housing—supported accommodation (Question No 651)

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—detainees (Question No 654)

          ACT Policing—policies (Question No 657)

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—programs (Question No 660)

          City to lake project—cost-benefit analysis (Question No 667)

          Planning—Canberra Airport pedestrian access (Question No 672)

          Planning—retrospective development applications (Question No 677)

          Planning—street names (Question No 678)

          Planning—master plans (Question No 679)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 680)

          Insurance—third-party (Question No 681)

          Insurance—third-party (Question No 682)

          Insurance—third-party (Question No 683)

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm (Question No 684)

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm (Question No 685)

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm (Question No 686)

          Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—assaults (Question No 687)

          Community services—Youth Advisory Council (Question No 689)

          Same-sex marriage—rainbow flags (Question No 690)

          City Renewal Authority—land acquisition (Question No 691)

          Same-sex marriage—campaign funds (Question Nos 692-699)

          Government—FOI requests (Question Nos 700-728)

          Insurance—third-party (Question No 729)

          Insurance—third-party (Question No 730)

          Housing—rates (Question No 733)

          Insurance—third-party (Question No 735)

          Education—student performance (Question No 736)

          Suburban Land Agency—land acquisition (Question Nos 737 and 738)

          Waste—container deposit scheme (Question No 739)

          ACTION bus service—patronage (Question No 740)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 741)

          ACTION bus service—fare evasion (Question No 742)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 743)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 744)

          ACTION bus service—traffic incidents (Question No 745)

          Municipal services—expenditure (Question No 746)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 747)

          Planning—Giralang (Question No 748)

          Transport—active travel office (Question No 749)

          Municipal services—street sweeping (Question No 750)

          ACTION bus service—complaints (Question No 751)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 752)

          ACTION bus service—employee assaults (Question No 753)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 754)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 755)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 756)

          Transport—park-and-ride facilities (Question No 757)

          ACTION bus service—fares (Question No 758)

          Transport—Mitchell services (Question No 759)

          ACTION bus service—sustainability (Question No 760)

          Municipal services—fix my street portal (Question No 761)

          Government—events policy (Question No 762)

          Animals—dog management (Question No 763)

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—detainee income (Question No 765)

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—detainee employment (Question No 766)

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—medical staff (Question No 767)

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—detainee employment (Question No 768)

          ACT Policing—missing persons (Question No 770)

          Government—land development policies (Question No 771)

          Access Canberra—birth certificates (Question No 796)

          Environment—balloons (Question No 806)

Questions without notice taken on notice:


          Government—ex gratia payments

          Public housing—Holder

          Land—Dickson land swap

          Casino Canberra—development proposal

          Casino Canberra—development proposal

          Casino Canberra—development proposal

          Land—section 72, Dickson

          Land—section 72, Dickson

          Land Development Agency—Mr Spokes bike hire

          Land Development Agency—Mr Spokes bike hire

          Land—Dickson purchase

          Greyhound racing—inspections

          Greyhound racing—inspections