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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

          ACT Health assets (Ministerial statement)

          Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm (Ministerial statement)

          Active ageing framework (Ministerial statement)

          Office for mental health—establishment (Ministerial statement)

          Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in care (Ministerial statement)

          Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

          ACT Health assets (Ministerial statement)

          Statute Law Amendment Bill 2017

          Question time—rules for asking questions (Statement by Speaker)

Questions without notice:


          Seniors—rates impact

          Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—aluminium cladding

          Light rail—Mitchell

          Economy—AAA credit rating


Questions without notice:

          Government—citizens juries

          Transport—roadside drug testing

          Transport—Canberra to Sydney rail service

          Waste recycling facility—government shareholder status

          ACTION bus service—timetable

          Greyhound racing—transition package

          Canberra Hospital—risk assessment report

          Children and young people—foster care

          Children and young people—protection

          Government—gambling harm minimisation

Answers to questions on notice:

          Questions 358, 361 and 363

          Questions 368 and 371

          Leave of absence


          National Environment Protection Council—annual report 2015-2016


          Community services—men’s sheds (Matter of public importance)


          Australian peacekeepers

          Gender pay gap

          Marriage equality

          Environment—Mulligans Flat nature reserve

          Crime—domestic violence

          Education—early childhood

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

          Answers to questions on notice

          Economy—AAA credit rating

          International Mother Language Day

          Mount Taylor recreation precinct—access

Questions without notice:

          Light rail—local contracts

          Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—aluminium cladding


          Council of Capital City Lord Mayors—ACT relationship

          Mental health—office for mental health

          Justice—incitement offence

          Education—STEM skills

          Education—Koori preschools

          ACTION bus service—route alterations

          Access Canberra—online licence renewal

          Floriade—participation regulations

          Ginninderry—community opportunities

          Conflict Resolution Service—funding

          Government—gambling harm minimisation

          Environment—healthy waterways project

          Language of debate (Statement by Speaker)

          Leave of absence

          Answer to question on notice: Question 371

          Tourism—major events strategy


          Tourism—major events strategy

          Education—students with complex needs

          Taxation—rates reform


          Mr David Rymer

          Latin American Cultural Centre

          Voluntary assisted dying

          Wattle Day citizenship ceremony

Thursday, 14 September 2017


          Multicultural framework 2015-2020—implementation and outcomes (Ministerial statement)

          Firearms and Prohibited Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

          Nature Conservation (Minor Public Works) Amendment Bill 2017

          Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2017

          Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Amendment Bill 2017

          Legislative Assembly Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

          Environment and Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

          Planning and Urban Renewal—Standing Committee

          Executive business—precedence

          Holidays (Reconciliation Day) Amendment Bill 2017

Questions without notice:

          Seniors—rates impact

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—housing

          Government—borrowing program


          Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—aluminium cladding

          Planning—land release program

          Education—Shaddock review recommendation

          Hume—waste to energy plant

          ACT Health—opioid treatment review

          Drugs—pill testing

          Public housing—Wright

          Public housing—renewal program

          Education—ACT training awards

          Mental health—office for mental health

          Mental health—R U OK? campaign

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

          Light rail—local contracts

          Hume—waste to energy plant

          Order to table

          Leave of absence

          Display of nutritional information for food—review report

          Standing orders—suspension

          Economy—vocational education and training (Matter of public importance)


          R U OK? campaign

          Small business—Kingston shops

          Yerrabi electorate

          R U OK? campaign

Answers to questions:

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—methadone program (Question No 273)

          Health—influenza (Question No 358)

          Canberra Hospital—emergency patient discharge (Question No 362)

          Hospitals—bed availability (Question No 363)

          Planning—Weetangera (Question No 368)

          Canberra Hospital—electrical systems (Question No 370)

          Planning—Weetangera (Question No 371)

          Planning—lease variation (Question No 375)

          Waste—public bins (Question No 380)

          Planning—Downer shops (Question No 381)

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—methadone program (Question No 385)

          Government—media and public relations (Question No 386-414)

          Government—expenditure (Question No 420)

          Icon Water—shared services (Question No 421)

          Budget—community sector (Question No 422)

          Community services—grants (Question No 428)

          Planning—Casey (Question No 430)

          Westside village—costs (Question No 432)

          Regulatory services—fix my street portal (Question No 435)

          Community infrastructure—vandalism (Question No 439)

          Schools—Gungahlin (Question No 445)

          Canberra Hospital—electrical systems (Question No 446)

          Government—ex gratia payments (Question No 447)

          Roads—traffic studies (Question No 448)

          Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—assaults (Question No 449)

          Children and young people—protection (Question No 450)

          Children and young people—youth justice (Question No 451)

          Waste—Fyshwick energy plant (Question No 454)

          Transport—bike facilities (Question No 455)

          Government—land development policies (Question No 457)

          Seniors—rates (Question No 458)

          Housing—energy efficiency (Question No 461)

          Planning—lease variation (Question No 463)

          Budget—lease variation charge (Question No 464)

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—bush healing farm (Question No 471)

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—family group conferencing (Question No 472)

          Government—market research (Question No 476)

          Budget—rates (Question No 477)

          Budget—rates (Question No 478)

          Icon Water—works (Question No 479)

          Sport—Rugby League World Cup sponsorship (Question No 480)

          Government—office accommodation (Question No 481)

          Planning—answers to questions on notice (Question No 482)

          Access Canberra—inspectors (Question No 483)

          Transport—traffic management (Question No 485)

          ACTION bus service—maintenance (Question No 488)

          Transport—light rail (Question No 490)

          ACT Public Cemeteries Authority—Gungahlin cemetery (Question No 493)

          Taxation—reform (Question No 494)

          Taxation—rates (Question No 495)

          Transport—light rail stage 1 (Question No 497)

          ACTION bus service—disability access (Question No 504)

          Transport Canberra and City Services—capital works program (Question No 506)

          Planning—development applications (Question No 508)

          Budget—funding allocations (Question No 535)

          Environment Protection Authority—commissioner (Question No 583)

          Roads—licence plate recognition cameras (Question No 584)

          Community services—grants (Question No 596)

          Community services—grants (Question No 597)

          Health—annual reports (Question No 599)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

          Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—assault allegations

          Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—assaults

          Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—assaults

          Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—bush healing farm

          Alexander Maconochie Centre—addiction treatment

          Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—Human Rights Commission referral

          Crime—fuel theft

          Children and young people—foster care