2016 and 2017 speech indexes

From 31 October 2016       All years

amdts, amendments; detail, debated at the detail stage; expst, explanatory statement; m, motion; mfd, motion for disallowance; mnrs, ministerial response; mnst, ministerial statement; mso, motion for the suspension of standing orders; mgc, motion of grave concern; mnc, motion of no confidence; mwc, motion of want of confidence; nm, notice of motion; perexp, personal explanation; prin, debated at the in-principle stage; q, question; qn, question on notice; refcom, reference to committee; wdrl, withdrawal.

Barr, Mr A
Berry, Ms Y
Burch, Ms J
Cheyne, Ms T
Cody, Ms B
Coe, Mr A
Doszpot, Mr S
Dunne, Mrs V
Fitzharris, Ms M
Gentleman, Mr M
Hanson, Mr J
Jones, Mrs G
Kikkert, Mrs E
Lawder, Ms N
Le Couteur, Ms C
Lee, Ms E
Milligan, Mr J
Orr, Ms S
Parton, Mr M
Pettersson, Mr M
Ramsay, Mr G
Rattenbury, Mr S
Speaker, Madam (Ms Burch)
Steel, Mr C
Stephen-Smith, Ms R
Wall, Mr A