ACT Ambulance Service
Bullying, alleged, 731q, 871, 885, 944q
Changes, 3336
ACT Emergency Services Agency
Alleged bullying, 1697q
Management, 1117q
Properties, 1814q
Properties, 2524q
Reform, 2997q
ACT Health, performance, 1216q
ACT Policing, budget, 1311q
ACT public service
Annual reports, 1273
Staff culture, 4279
ACT State Emergency Service, Chief Officer, 2329q
ACTION bus service, performance, 1228q
Animals, greyhound rescue, 4072
Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, detail, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 2536, (Capital Metro Agency) 2601, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2610, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 2665, (Icon Water Ltd) 2847, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission) 2848, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 2910, (Superannuation Provision Account) 2927, (Treasurer's Advance) 2944
Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2015-2016, prin, 2948
Community events, 1141
Funding, 2322q, 2334q
Policy, 4174, 4185
Government policy, 2870q
Home owners, 3311q
Inquiry proposal, 3311q
Mr Fluffy issues, 621
Removal, 3497
Balogh, Mr T, art exhibition, 1061
Concessions, 1035q
Debate, 1918
Rates, 1956q
Review, 134, 147
Bushfires, preparedness, 3969
Clubs sector, 3583
Commercial rates, 2578q
Development strategy, 681, 1961q
Government policies, 3047
Investment, 283q, 670q
Licence fees, 2724q
Reform, 157q
Canberra Hospital
Emergency codes, 3080q
Emergency department, 1620q
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit, 3915
Visiting medical officers, 3195q
Capital works
Funding, 3286qn, 3287qn, 3289qn
Reporting, 4081
Care and protection, 3495
Childcare centres, 1119q
Community Services, funding, 3913
Compensation, workers compensation, 2491qn
Computers, training, 4012q
Construction industry
Bullying, alleged, 2210q
Work safety, 2322q
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, media campaign, 2733, 2748
Convention centre, cost, 281q
Homosexual convictions, 3920
Motorcycle gangs, 601q
Defence, Anzac centenary, 1083
Diversity ACT
FOI request, 4256q
Funding, 4137q
Dogs, greyhound rescue, 4072
Business development strategy, 1961q
Innovation, 1749
Higher education sector, 3343
ICT training, 4012q
Tertiary, 963
Emergency services
Firefighters, wellbeing study, 3739q
Levy, 2728q
Emergency Services Agency, executive structure, 2751, 2761
Gas usage, 4295
Solar, 1706q
Environment, conservation, 3514q
EPIC, toilet repairs, 1561qn
China investments, 1562qn
Government debt, 715q
Government expenditure, 2983
Government loans, 3290qn
Invest Canberra leads, 1562qn
Financial Management Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 2983
First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 2420
Floriade, proposed relocation, 3746q
Casino, 4136q, 4254q
Lotteries, 3660
Poker machines, 45q, 46q, 51q, 152q, 1117q, 1197, 1207, 4034
Policy, 615q
Racing and gaming, 1113q
Taxation, 485q
Gaming Machine (Reform) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 2102, detail, 2113, 2115
Fees and charges, 1640
Land purchases, 3961q
Policy, 420
Priorities, 23
Tendering arrangements, 1405q, 1520q
Health, private medical records, 1506q, 1867q
Health Directorate, staff, 1695q
Holidays Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 4064
Honours and awards, Order of Australia, 589
Hospitals, University of Canberra, 1394q
First home owner grants, 2420
Homelessness, 1507q, 1630q, 3910
Location strategy, 2245
Public, 1984
Single dwellings, 998, 1003
Waiting lists, 2572q, 2874q
Industrial relations
Bullying, alleged, 2210q
Holidays, 4064
International affairs, China
Free trade agreement, 3402q
Sister cities, 3417, 3431, 3435
Land, government purchases, 3513q
Legislative Assembly
Auslan interpreters, 3834
Administration and Procedure, 2046, 3495, 3851, 3908
Annual and financial reports, 3849
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 671
Estimates 2015-2016, 568, 570, 2415, 2170
Justice and Community Safety, 671
Public Accounts, 673, 674, 968, 969, 998, 1003, 1174, 1197, 1207, 1273, 1481, 1780, 1875, 1876, 3495, 3583, 3910, 3913, 3915, 3969, 4034, 4081, 4299
Latimer House principles, 3908
Doszpot, Mr S, leave of absence, 3533
Jones, Mrs G, leave of absence, 671, 2967, 3158
Wall, Mr A, leave of absence, 620
Papers, 621
Petitions, referral to committee, 4240
Points of order, 50, 273, 945, 946, 1772, 2540, 2657, 2582, 2886
Sitting pattern 2016, 3840
Standing orders, matters of public importance, 3838
Suspension of standing and temporary orders, 10
Valedictory, 4313
Lotteries (Approvals) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3660
Newsagency, rates increase, 2578q
Planning, 2451q
Menslink, working with vulnerable people, 405q
Ministry, Burch, Ms J, 37
National broadband network, rollout, 3390
Office of the Legislative Assembly, 2170
OzHarvest, food distribution, 2391
ACT law courts, 4244q
Draft variation 304, 617q
Lease variation charge, 3057, 3071
Manuka, 2451q, 3624q
Master plan, 1316q
Urban renewal, 630
Variations, 2215q, 2888
Pop-up village, costs and revenue, 2165qn
Rates Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3917
Revenue (Charitable Organisations) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3999
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 4006
Ashley Drive, 1955q, 2525q
Horse Park Drive, 2070q, 2525q
Safety, 609q
Signage, 1560qn
Speed cameras, 969
Tharwa Drive, 480q
Autism, cage structure, 2999q, 3097q, 3141
Safety, 405q
Telopea Park, 2869q
Shooters Wholesale, explosives licensing fee, 2724q
Global Ballooning contract, 1863qn
Sale, 823q
Spent Convictions (Historical Homosexual Convictions Extinguishment) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3920
Sport, greyhound racing, 818q
Charities, 3999
Compliance collections, 164q
Gaming machine revenue, 485q
Legislation, 4006
Rates, 1956q, 3897, 3917, 3945qn, 4100, 4115
Canberra visitor centre, 2573q, 3870q
Government support, 1719, 1730
Trade unions, media campaigns, 2733, 2748
Light rail, 3290qn
Planning, 4018q, 4028q
University of Canberra, development, 1033q
University of Canberra Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1025
Uriarra Village, solar farm, 1029q
Management, 4299
Recycled, 2719q
Westside container village, costs, 3866q, 4353q
Williamsdale solar farm, proposal, 3317q, 3417q
Youth, homelessness, 1507q, 1630q