ACT Emergency Services Agency
Management, 1118q
Reform, 2998q
Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, detail, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 2541, 2547, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2630, 2640, (Community Services Directorate) 2655, (Education and Training Directorate) 2784, (Environment and Planning Directorate) 2791, (Housing ACT) 2841, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 2938
Asbestos, public housing, 1154
Australian War Memorial, Top Secret Showcase dinner, 1760
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, drugs, 1810q
Budget, community sector levy, 2864q, 2875q
Bushfires, preparedness, 3974
Clubs sector, 3596
Local shop upgrades, 2772
Telstra awards, 3939
Canberra Hospital, visiting medical officers, 3195q
Canberra Institute of Technology, Auslan courses, 153q, 611q, 941q
Canberra South Motor Park, change of ownership, 2724q
Capital works, projects, 2218q
Conder Early Learning Centre, 4326qn
Northside Community Services' Civic Early Childhood Centre, 4325qn
Adoptions, 3074, 3106, 3954qn, 4324qn
Childcare centres, 158q, 725q, 828q, 1118q, 1232q
Children's Week, 4191
Conder Early Learning Centre, 3081q, 3099q
Early childhood education, 3174
National Playgroup Week, 1257
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1300
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2015 (No 2) prin, 2119, detail, 2125
Communities@Work, activities, 2395, 4191
Community Services
Dropping off the edge report, 2732q, 3291q
Funding, 3914
Vulnerable people, 4325qn
Convention centre, cost, 282q
Costigan, Ms T, death, 767
Crime, domestic violence, 767, 789
Deep Space Communication Complex, anniversary, 1067
Disability services
Funding, 731q, 833q
Hearing Awareness Week, 3149
Housing, 2167qn
Staff, 4132q
Disabled persons, deafness, 3803
Diversity ACT
FOI request, 4255q
Funding, 4137q
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 1810q
Medicinal cannabis, 2820
Economy, cost of living, 2204
Electricity Feed-in Tariff Schemes Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 2059, detail, 2065
Employment, vulnerable people, 4341qn
Renewable, 339qn, 2301
Solar, 1706q, 1818q
Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 2204
Clean Up Australia Day, 970
Conservation, 3513q
Cotter catchment, 2073q
Landcare ACT, 2479
Mugga Lane tip, 56q, 154q
Renewable energy, 2301
Water catchment management, 2260
Water efficiency, 381
Weed management, 3518q, 4119, 4128
Federal government, budget, 1817q
Concessions expenditure, 1316q
Expenditure review, concessions, 4327qn
Gambling, poker machines, 481q
Public consultations, 2474
Social inclusion, 845
Greenhills Centre, anniversary, 2276
Alzheimer's care, 938q
Hearing, 3149
Medicinal cannabis, 2820
Outdoor fitness stations, 3947qn
Performance, 1306q
University of Canberra, 1801q
Cleaning contracts, 4010q, 4028q
Disabled persons, 2167qn
Government acquisition, 3617q, 3632q
Homelessness, 1034q, 1046q, 1507q, 1630q, 2360, 2372, 3201q, 3235, 3911
Location strategy, 2256
Narrabundah, 3252qn
Northbourne Avenue corridor, 2695, 2702, 2705
Owen flats, 1346
Public, 506, 520, 1115q, 1222q, 1226q, 1356, 1397q, 1409q, 1568q, 1569q, 1972, 1989, 3863q
Rentals, 1865qn
Waiting list, 1559qn, 2323q, 2569q, 2874q
Housing ACT
Asbestos, 2158qn
Properties, 2487qn
Waiting lists, 1559qn, 2323q, 2569q, 2874q
Human rights, vulnerable people, 2159qn
Icon Water, assets, 4250q
Kangaroos, cull, 1405q, 1513q, 3945qn
Landcare ACT, launch, 2479
Legislative Assembly
Auslan interpreter, 3488
Auslan interpreters, 3832, 3836
Administration and Procedure, 3490
Estimates 2015-2016, 2413
Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services, 2820, 3923, 3925
Public Accounts, 3295, 3596, 3911, 3914, 3974
Points of order, 435, 885, 2323, 2449, 2571, 2864, 2865, 3081, 3178, 3179, 3202
Standing order 210, strangers, 3488
Valedictory, 4318
Lifeline, book fair, 3351
Manuka, planning, 2450q, 2870q
Menslink, working with vulnerable people, 396q, 405q, 443
Ministry, Burch, Ms J, 84
Mulligan's Flat, woodland, 3545
National Child Protection Week, support, 3234
ACT rural villages, 1340
Community councils, 4049
Manuka, 2450q, 2870q
Narrabundah, 3253qn
Oaks Estate, 815
Project design briefs, 1267qn
Urban renewal, 1233
Returned and Services League, activities, 4079
Revenue (Charitable Organisations) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 4003
Ashley Drive, 1955q
Coyne Street, 1552qn
Investment, 1773
Projects, 3747q
Safety, 609q, 620q
Tharwa Drive, 480q
Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre, new year celebration, 890
Autism, cage structure, 3004q, 3088q, 3411q, 3615q
Interschool parliamentary debate, 3034
Safety, 396q, 405q, 443
Torrens Primary School, 1538
Working with vulnerable people, 268q
Skywhale, sale, 822q
Social welfare, community sector funding, 525
Silent sports challenge, 3803
Tuggeranong football club, 2951
Spotless, cleaning contracts, 1267qn
Taxation, charities, 4003
Territory and municipal services, playground maintenance, 182
Tharwa, rural village, 1340
Theodore shops, upgrades, 4342qn
Tidbinbilla tracking station, anniversary, 1067
Light rail, 2211q, 2586q, 3317q
Public, 4024q
Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (ACT) Bill 2014, prin, 381
Water Resources (Catchment Management Coordination Group) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 2260
Williamsdale solar farm, proposal, 3317q, 3417q
Domestic violence, 767, 789
Telstra Business Women's awards, 3939
Dance festival, 3466
Homelessness, 1507q, 1630q