ACT Health, performance, 3402q
ACT Health, quarterly reporting, 3859q
ACT State Emergency Service, Chief Officer, 2329q, 2458q
Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2616
Arts, funding, 2321q, 2334q
Budget, community sector levy, 2865q, 2875q
Buk bilong Pikinini, children's books, 3681
Business, registered, brothels, 669qn
Canberra Hospital
Bullying, alleged, 2568q, 3739q
Culture review, 4129q
Patient care, 474q
Children, books, 3681
Community Services Directorate, multicultural portfolio, 3570qn
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) media campaign, 2741
Construction industry, bullying, alleged, 2210q
Domestic violence, 60q
Graffiti, 345qn
Drugs, ice, 3741q
Emergency services, firefighters, wellbeing study, 3740q
Former petrol station sites, 981qn
Weed management, 3517q
Finance, concessions program, 4013q
Ministry, Burch, Ms J, 3410q
Policy, 419
Public consultation, 78
Tendering arrangements, 2569q
Gungahlin, planning, 3512q
Maternity services, 159q
Mental health, 3282qn, 3498, 3507, 3565qn, 3741q
R U OK? Day, 3464
Health Directorate
Audit report, 2856q
Openness and transparency, 267q
Emergency waiting times, 4245q
Mental health staff, 3284qn
Patient satisfaction, 272q
Secure mental health unit, 3283qn
Staffing, 3614q
Housing, cleaning contracts, 4011q
Immigration, refugees, 3751q
Industrial relations, bullying, alleged, 2210q
International affairs, China, sister cities, 3426
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Administration and Procedure, 4231, 4238
Members, breastfeeding facilities, 4231, 4238
Points of order, 476, 577, 2857, 4141
Menslink, working with vulnerable people, 396q, 399q
Mental Health Bill 2015, prin, 3498, detail, 3507
Ministry, Burch, Ms J, 90
Multicultural affairs
Grants, 4329qn
Importance, 3441
Municipal services, playgrounds, 3260qn, 3261qn, 3263qn, 3560qn
Oaks Estate, amenities, 3755q
Office for Women
Appropriations, 3564qn
Staff, 3563qn
Parking, fees, 2856q
Community councils, 4054
Delays, 479q, 620q
Gungahlin, 3512q
Variation 351, 4141q
Cotter Road duplication, 3359, 3371
Horse Park Drive, 2331q, 2458q
Roberts, Mr H, death, 330
Autism, cage structure, 3094q, 3319q, 3321q
Safety, 396q, 399q
Telopea Park, 2445q
Shopping centres, amenities, 4328qn
Sport, sponsorship, 603q
Territory and municipal services
Mowing, 55q, 287q
Playground maintenance, 170, 183
Trade unions, media campaigns, 2741
Transport, light rail, 3622q, 3872q
Water, recycled, 2718q
Domestic violence, 60q
Share the Dignity campaign, 3938