Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, agreements, 1231q
ACT Health, accommodation, 4022q
ACT public service, annual reports, 1276, 1799
ACT State Emergency Service, storms, 1517q
Albert Hall, heritage recommendations, 4298
Amaroo, scout group, 4077
Animals, welfare, 3790, 3799
Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Amendment Bill 2014, detail, 1799
Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, detail, (Capital Metro Agency) 2558, (Education and Training Directorate) 2785
Arts, community events, 1138, 1153
Loose-fill insulation, 3574
Removal, 1296
Australian Labor Party, national conference, 2479
Debate, 1932, 2003
Social inclusion, 1967q
Building (Loose-fill Asbestos Eradication) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3668
Clubs sector, 3592
Development strategy, 684, 1959q
Investment, 1048
Policy, 2721q
Reform, 155q
Support, 3520q
Canberra Hospital, energy use, 3085q
Community services, Dropping off the edge report, 2730q
Crime, restorative justice, 2727q
Canberra Institute of Technology, importance, 1105
Child and family centres, 2457q
Early childhood education, 3182
Health, 4254q
Out of home care, 168q, 1408q
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, democracy seminar, 2135
Communities@Work, activities, 662, 3353
Community services
Roundtable, 3213q
West Belconnen, 3091q
Social inclusion, 947q
Compensation, workers compensation, 824q
Courts, criminal law, 371
Crime, domestic violence, 60q, 735q, 796, 1319q, 3758q
Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 371
Cycling, active transport, 1629q
Defence, Anzac centenary, 1085
Digital Canberra, benefits, 3472
Disability services, national disability insurance scheme, 613q
Disabled persons, support, 3233
Disasters, rescuer challenge, 3413q
Services, 3516q
Medicinal cannabis, 2817
Business development strategy, 1959q
Employment growth, 4014q
Innovation, 2446q
Policy, 718q, 1312q, 1808q
Reform, 2071q
ACT interschool parliamentary debate, 1454
Canberra College Cares program, 1045q
Early childhood, 1538
Parental engagement, 943q
Skills development, 1121q
Teachers, 832q
Teaching quality, 1281
Vocational, 2972, 4143q, 4146, 4161
Emergency services, infrastructure and personnel, 407q
Increases, 4014q
Seniors, 1224q
Business efficiencies, 3085q
Renewable, 163q, 2588q
Wind, 3001q
Climate change, 1401q
Water quality, 2868q
Health, medicinal cannabis, 2817
Federal government, budget, 1698q, 1705q, 1814q, 1815q
Public consultations, 2476
Social inclusion, 866
Woden popup cabinet, 2995q
Community pantry, 3353
Festival, 1345
Infrastructure projects, 186, 201
Town centre, 3547
Valley ponds, 1064
Gungahlin Community Council, activities, 971
Cancer treatment, 4135q
Dental, 285q
Drug and alcohol program, 3516q
Federal spending cuts, 1511q
Infrastructure, 3108, 3124, 3870q
Mental health, 821q, 3199q
Referrals, 1890q
Statistics, 3313q
Women and Children and young people, 4254q
Health (Patient Privacy) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3852
Heritage, Hall school museum, 1649
Cancer facilities, 3533
University of Canberra, 729q, 1039q, 1615q
Investments, 4140q
Public, 1349, 1362
Human rights, privacy, 3852
Immigration, refugees, 3167, 3749q
Industrial relations
Long service leave, 491q
Public holidays, 3007q
Information technology, Digital Canberra policy, 3472
Legislative Assembly
Estimates 2015-2016, 2409
Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services, 2817
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 672, 922, 1005, 2967, 3574, 4298
Public Accounts, 1276, 3592
Fitzharris, Ms M, inaugural speech, 2
Staff, Bailey, Ms A, work experience, 3148
Valedictory, 4311
Visitors, 4077
Lundy, Hon Kate, tribute, 1170
Multiculturalism, festivals, 400q, 424
National broadband network
Forum, 3033
Rollout, 3372, 3390
National Multicultural festival, success, 400q, 424
Community councils, 4061
Consultations, 1124q
Policy, 271q
Statement of intent, 4247q
Urban renewal, 452, 469, 476q, 2003, 2015, 2575q, 3029
Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1296
Active transport, 1629q
Congestion, 278q, 1893q
Constitution Avenue, 1474
Construction, 3205q
Cotter Road duplication, 3370
Gundaroo Drive, 1851
Hibberson Street, survey, 4195
Investment, 1769
Majura Parkway, 4027q
Planning, 2582q
Agreements, 2860q
Coombs community school, 3095q
Coombs Primary School, 1624q
Modernisation, 3219
Uniforms, 3862q
Seniors, employment, 1224q
Social welfare, community sector, 1709q
Sport, sponsorship, 604q
Territory and municipal services, playground maintenance, 179
Tourism, events, 617q, 1217q, 3322q
Infrastructure, 1968
Light rail, 53q, 938q, 1683, 1717, 3626q, 3631q, 4257q
Public, 3619q, 3726, 3744q
Ride-share services, 3874q
University of Canberra
Development, 1031q
Support, 395q
Water, quality, 2868q
Achievements, 890, 1258
Domestic violence, 60q, 735q, 796, 1319q, 3409q
Health, 4254q
Her Canberra website and magazine, 773
Out of home care, 1408q
Parliament of Youth on Sustainability, 2967
Sustainability parliament, 3804