ACT Ambulance Service, alleged bullying, 732q
ACT Emergency Services Agency, alleged bullying, 1698q
ACT Health
Civic clinic, 4243q
Performance, 1215q
ACTION bus service, schools, 1040q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, governance, 1701q
Alzheimer's Australia ACT, activities, 3230
Anzac Day, schools commemoration events, 1455
Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, detail, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 2543, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2625, (Community Services Directorate) 2658, (Education and Training Directorate) 2778
Arts, venues, 1958q
Loose-fill insulation, 933q
Worker safety, 2730q
Board of Senior Secondary Studies Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 2422
Brooks, Mr J, death, 3461
Budget, concessions, 1035q
Commercial rates, 2576q
Investment, 282q
Canberra Hospital, accreditation, 1504q
Canberra Institute of Technology
Auslan courses, 152q, 169q, 610q, 941q, 1860qn
Importance, 1094
Canberra South Motor Park, change of ownership, 2725q
Childcare centres, 726q, 828q
Conder Early Learning Centre, 3082q, 3099q
Early childhood education, 3176
Computers, training, 4011q, 4028q
Courts, access to justice, 993
Dickson, planning, 2454q, 2733q
Board of Senior Secondary Studies, 2422
Capital works program, 1619q, 1630q
Daramalan College, 1066
Early childhood, 298
Funding, 1891q
ICT training, 4011q, 4028q
Teachers, 1613q, 2709
Vocational, 4151
Education Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1878
Education and Training Directorate, surveys, 3253qn
Environment, Cotter catchment, 2075q
Finance, concessions expenditure, 1317q, 4014q
Casino, 4254q
Poker machines, 51q, 481q, 620q
Giralang, planning, 3752q
Fees and charges, 1635
Ministry, Burch, Ms J, 3410q
Tendering arrangements, 1406q
Transparency, 3651
Hackett, community day, 1169
Funding, 1886q
Palliative care, 1112q, 1570q
Tissue donors, 2273
Heart Foundation ACT, activities, 549
Hospitals, waiting times, 1027q
Government acquisition, 3618q
Homelessness, 3202q
Public, 1220q, 1227q, 1568q, 1569q
Waiting list, 2324q
Human rights, inquiry, 3908
Industrial relations, teachers, enterprise agreement, 1514q
International affairs, Nepal, 1761
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Justice and Community Safety, 13, 348, 671, 991, 1277, 1578, 1874, 1876, 2175, 2528, 3030, 3294, 3574, 3908, 3969
Language, "bloody hell", 967
Points of order, 250, 307, 732, 835, 1396, 1521, 2783, 3095, 3203, 4058
Valedictory, 4315
Development, 2673, 2685, 2692
Newsagency, rates increase, 2576q
Planning, 2444q, 2448q, 2450q, 2451q
Menslink, working with vulnerable people, 392q, 397q
Burch, Ms J, 82
Minister for Education and Training, enterprise bargaining, 1612q
Festival, 1169
Planning, 2397, 2399
National broadband network, rollout, 3378
Oaks Estate, amenities, 3753q
Campbell service station, 1909
Community councils, 4076
Consultation, 2480
Dickson, 2454q, 2733q
Giralang, 3752q
Manuka, 2444q, 2448q, 2450q, 2451q, 2673, 2685, 2692, 3624q
Narrabundah, 347, 2397, 2399
Oaks Estate, 799, 835, 838
Red Hill, 3293, 3873q
Public Pools Bill 2014, prin, 923
Advisory councils, 1878
Anzac Day commemorations, 1455
Assaults, 3557qn
Autism, cage structure, 1308q, 2216q, 2999q, 3003q, 3004q, 3087q, 3093q, 3094q, 3098q, 3125, 3143, 3196q, 3318q, 3405q, 3407q, 3411q, 3413q, 3615q, 4130q
Belconnen, 1962q
Maintenance, 492, 503
Modernisation, 3222
Nurses, 1343, 1395q, 1416, 1424, 1521q
Public holidays, 1122q
Safety, 392q, 397q
Telopea Park, 722q, 1804q, 1869, 1871, 2445q, 2453q, 2868q
Working with vulnerable people, 268q
Seniors, policy, 898
AFL youth girls team, 3935
Canberra Olympic pool, 956
Cricket ACT, 1256
Greyhound racing, 819q
Ovals, 343qn, 344qn
Public pools, 923
Sponsorship, 486q, 604q
Tennis, 660
Woden facilities, 1990, 2001
Territory and municipal services, playground maintenance, 178
Light rail, 3860q
Public, 990
Taxi review, 2330q
Westende, Mr L OAM, recognition, 4192
Women, IWin initiatives, 1169